The federal government is proposing a ban on swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. It could affect the islands’ tourism industry.

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Game of Thrones season 6 premiere is on tonight. What time does it start? What channel is the finale on? How can you watch it?

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Here are all the best photos and plotlines for the Game of Thrones cast going into Season 6, plus a recap of where we left them at the end of Season 5.

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If you’re looking for a Game of Thrones recap, these are the videos for you. See what’s happened over the last five seasons to prepare for season 6.

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Prince’s brother, Alfred, influenced him musically and was a Vietnam vet. Alfred and Prince were very similar, but Alfred had to be hospitalized after the war.

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Prince, the amazing musical legend, had eight siblings. These are photos, tributes, and stories of his brothers and sisters, parents, and extended family.

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Mayte Garcia and Prince had a fairy tale romance until tragedy struck with the death of their child. Here are photos of his first wife and her story.

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Mayte Garcia was the first wife of Prince, the musician who died on April 21. The couple divorced in 1999, after three years of marriage. They had one child.

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After Fear the Walking Dead’s Season 2 Episode 2, we’re all in need of a few memes. Here are the best memes, photos, and tweets for #FearTWD.

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When is the air date for the 2016 premiere of Game of Thrones? Check out these details as well as premiere trailers for season 6.

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When does Cedar Cove return to the Hallmark channel? Is it canceled? And if it was, why? Find out everything you need to know about Cedar Cove right here.

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The Hallmark movie ‘Love By Chance’ premieres tonight & will have many encores. Find out when it airs, what channel, and read reviews here.

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Merle Haggard passed away, leaving behind a loving family who will miss him dearly. See photos of his children, grandchildren, & tributes to the country star.

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Ben Haggard is Merle Haggard’s youngest son and a very talented musician. See photos and videos of Ben’s songs and his tribute to his beloved father.

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These are some of the best songs by Merle Haggard. Listen to them as you remember the iconic country legend whose music touched the hearts of millions.

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The Walking Dead season finale ended in the way that all fans dreaded. These are all the memes, tweets, and photos you need to see about *that* special ending.

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