Smile and say “Cheese!” These camera gifts will put a smile on the face of any photography fan.

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These unique Christmas gifts will really get you noticed.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014 is National Coming Out Day. The annual holiday is a day recognized by the LGBT community to support those who have yet to “come out.”

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These awesome apps and games will make your Halloween spookier, safer, and a lot more fun.

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Celebrate Columbus Day with great Amazon deals on clothes, boots, jewelry, and more.

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What is Yom Kippur? And what do you say to a Jewish person who is observing Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement? Do you fast? When does it start?

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Check out the Top 5 best recipes for your 2014 Rosh Hashanah dinner right here. From chicken dishes to dessert …

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What is the autumnal equinox and why is it important? When is it in 2014? Is an autumnal equinox a solstice? These questions and more answered here.

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L’shanah tovah! It’s the Jewish New Year, celebrating year 5775 in the Jewish calendar! So get out your apples and honey and sound the shofar!

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When is the official first day of fall and the autumnal equinox? Find out the date and time here.

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Today is National Junk Food Day, the day where we forego dieting to honor the food we know is killing us! So forget cavities, diabetes, and cancer for today.

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