A week after all the Nintendo Switch reveals, Fire Emblem is now getting the main spot in a new Nintendo Direct live stream presentation.

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We’re back with the 2nd day of coverage for the live streamed Nintendo Experience 2017 event.

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Thanks to the Nintendo Switch presentation live stream, we now know when the new console will release, how much it will cost and what games you’ll get to play at launch.

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Tune in right here to check out all the Japanese gamers demoing the brand new content coming soon to the Nintendo Switch.

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We’ve received the gift of an overwhelming amount of official info on the Nintendo Switch. Now we’re set to see more with this Nintendo Treehouse live stream presentation.

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Nintendo’s ready to bring us a live event full of official details on what can we expect from the 2017 launch of the Switch console.

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The 3DS portable system was home to a bunch of awesome games that dropped in 2016, which we’re going to detail here.

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Six months after the launch of Pokemon Go, fans are still trying to figure out if there’s any order to the way eggs are sorted on the display screen.

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A new update is expected to be released for Pokemon Go any day now. What might Niantic change this time around?

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The latest Pokemon Go nest migration has just occurred. What spawns have changed this time around?

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Pokemon Go is celebrating the holidays with a special year-end sale of gift boxes. For how long will these packages be in the shop?

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Another holiday event is coming to Pokemon Go in time for Christmas and New Year’s. When will this event start and end?

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Niantic has just announced a new Christmas event for Pokemon Go that involves more than just the Santa hat Pikachu. How does it work?

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Pokemon Go is once again being updated, with Version 1.21.2 being released on Thursday. What’s different this time around?

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The Pokemon Go app has just been released for Apple Watch. How does catching Pokemon work with it? Do you need to have your iPhone app open for this?

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Many Pokemon Go players are experiencing a major issue where the app continuously freezes at launch. How can this be fixed?

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