There are many reasons for dogs to feel anxious. Some get scared during thunderstorms, while others have issues when travelling. There are also dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. All of these issues can be helping with a little care and a little calming.

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These clear, transparent cases let you see the color of the phone, as well as the beautiful lines of the iPhone itself.

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Which Fitbit is best? We compare all of the Fitbit models to help you figure out which fitness tracker is best for your needs.

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The AT&T Next plan lets you get a phone for $0 down. Here are five of the best phones you can get on this cheap phone plan.

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Batter up! MLB 15 The Show and more releases are coming this Tuesday!

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Wondering what you should put in your kid’s Easter basket this year? We weigh in with our favorite chocolate bunnies, Easter candy, and even some allergy-free candy ideas.

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Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, these smartphone car chargers will keep your device powered up and ready to go.

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Live in the city but longing for some green space? Here’s our guide to planning and planting your perfect organic urban vegetable garden, no matter how little space you have.

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Are you interested in Tiny Homes and looking for some inspiration? These 5 books take you inside real Tiny Houses with floor plans and detailed construction illustrations.

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Want to build a Tiny House? These books feature stunning photos, ideas and inspiration for your tiny home project.

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April has a great balance of AAA titles and indie games that we’re looking forward to playing on our PS4. Here’s what is coming next month.

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These sexy bikinis will make you the hottest chick on the beach during Spring Break.

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Here are ten great dog toys that can stand up to aggressive chewers. They are durable and indestructible choices that are sure to survive even the toughest dog.

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Hopefully GTA V sees a lot of mod support when it releases in April. There are a couple of other AAA titles coming, too.

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Cut down on the sugar in their Easter baskets with these adorable gifts.

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Here are ten awesome April Fool’s Day pranks you can pull in 2015. If you got pranked last year, now is the time to start plotting your revenge.

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