Keeping Up With the Kardashians: KUWTK Season 9 Premiere Recap

Tonight was the season 9 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and it was the most intense episode the show has ever aired. Between Lamar and Khloe’s marital drama, Kris and Bruce’s separation, and the family’s reactions to all the news, it really gives viewers a close look into the lives of the Kardashians … one like we’ve never seen.

1. Kim Goes Blonde

In the first two minutes of the season premiere, Kim makes her transformation into a blonde. She’s eager for a fun change and is loving being a mother. Accompanied by Khloe, the two talk about Baby North West and all the positivity that is surrounding the new baby.

2. Bruce Is Sad to Leave the Malibu Beach House

Last season, Kris Jenner leased a house in Malibu as a retreat for her husband Bruce, along with Kendall and Kylie, because of all the chaos going on in their main residence with Kim and the baby moving in. So, Kris comes into the beach house with boxes because the lease is almost up and Bruce becomes very sad. He describes the beach house as peaceful with no drama and is sad to leave his “getaway home”.

3. Khloe Openly Struggles With Her Marriage

Sweet Khloe struggles with her husband’s issues as she’s unable to get in contact with him. She opens up to Kim saying she doesn’t read any of her Twitter comments because she’s afraid of the things people have written, given the Lamar situation … As you may remember, Lamar Odom was in the media for alleged drug use, numerous infidelities, and alcohol abuse.

Khloe feels uncomfortable wherever she goes because she feels that everyone’s thinking about her situation and has opinions on her marriage. Khloe begins to cry in the car with Kourtney and says that she’s been putting herself aside to try to save her husband’s life, but realizes she can’t and has to move on.

4. Apparently Khloe Isn’t Friends With BFF Malika Anymore?

For a brief moment in the episode, Khloe lets out that she may not be as good of friends with Malika anymore. Apparently, Malika told Khloe’s parents to tell her she was sorry for her marital woes, but didn’t say anything to Khloe … That’s all that was said on the episode about Khloe and Malika’s friendship, so we’re kind of just left wondering …

UPDATE: A few hours ago, Khloe posted a few photos of herself with friend Malika, tagging “theeforevermalika”, so perhaps they have made amends …

5. Rob Tells Khloe to Move Out of Her House

Khloe and Kourtney visit Rob as his new place. While there, Khloe asked Rob if he had heard from Lamar. After Rob tells Khloe he hasn’t heard from Lamar, Khloe reveals that Lamar was constantly changing his phone number, getting a new pre-paid phone each day. When Rob hears this, he tells Khloe she needs to move out of her house, away from Lamar.

Later on in the episode, Khloe reveals she’s been communicating with Lamar, but she just can’t continue to live the way she’s been living.

6. Bruce Initiates the Separation Talk With Kris

Bruce sits Kris down and tells her he extended the lease on the beach house because he feels they’ve been doing so much better spending time apart. Of course, Kris is surprised and tells him that he should have discussed it with her. His reply is:

Honestly, I just can’t see going back.

So, while many thought it was Kris who pulled the plug, it was actually Bruce. Even so, Bruce does say that he doesn’t want a divorce. He says he enjoys his space and doesn’t care what the media thinks. Kris then says that only they can define their marriage.

In celebration of their decision, Bruce and Kris pop a bottle of champagne.

7. Kendall Tells Dad Bruce She Doesn’t Want to Live Like a Child of Divorce

Kendall confronts Bruce and says she doesn’t understand why he would be happier living away from the family. Kylie is bummed, but tells him he should do what makes him happy. Bruce explains himself by saying the truth – that there’s no room for him in their main house, he’s always scrutinized for what he wears, and that he’s tired of getting criticized. Kyle agrees with him, but Kendall says she doesn’t want to live like her parents are divorced, which is completely understandable.

8. Kris and Bruce Reveal Their Separation to the Family

KUWTK | Kris and Bruce Drop a Bombshell | E!The Jenners call a family meeting to let everyone know Bruce will be keeping his beach house. Is this the end of their marriage? #KUWTK #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians #EEntertainment #KimKardashian #KhloeKardashian #KourtneyKardashian #KylieJenner #KendallJenner #KrisJenner SUBSCRIBE: About Keeping Up With the Kardashians: “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” takes viewers beyond the headlines and into the stories…2014-01-17T12:00:01.000Z

Halfway through the episode, Bruce and Kris call a family meeting. Everyone is present except for Kanye and Lamar of course. Bruce starts off by explaining their new marital arrangement. Kris then says they’re better as friends, which angers Kendall, who tells them they should just get a divorce then. Kendall begins to cry and fears that the family won’t stay together.

9. Bruce and Kris’ Statement to the Press About Their Marriage Starts a Media Frenzy

After Kris and Bruce release a statement about their separation, the paparazzi swarms even more than usual. While golfing with his daughters Kendall and Kylie, Bruce unleashes his anger on a couple of spying photographers at the course after his girls refuse to play golf because of the paps. Bruce returns to the course with a round of applause from fellow players. The best part of it all is when Kendall, Kylie, and Dad Bruce all give the paparazzi exactly what they ask for … The three of them pose by flipping the paps the bird.

Later on, Kim brings everyone together to address the rumors in the media. Even Bruce’s sons Brody and Brandon are present for the meeting.

10. A Preview of the New Season is Shown

This season is going to be insane. On the next episode, Scott tries out Karate while Kim’s BFF Jonathan chums up with Momager Kris behind Kim’s back … Kim does not seem happy about it. Now, you don’t have to wait a whole week until the next episode because this is only night one of the Kardashian premiere. Tomorrow, January 20, 2014 will be another all new episode!

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