Nina Compton, Top Chef Runner-Up: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nina Compton came in second on Top Chef tonight after a grueling competition. Read on for the facts on this brilliant chef.

1. Nina Compton Was Runner Up On The Top Chef Finale

Nina Compton told GCaribbean Magazine what she would do with the prize money if she won Top Chef:

I would open a culinary school in St. Lucia. Because there is no training or cooking schools in St. Lucia, inspiring chefs have to go overseas for training, like I did. I would want to open doors and give back to the people of my country because they’ve been so supportive of me during this process.

Nina also had plans to spend some of the prize money on a European vacation with her husband. Unfortunately, she didn’t win, but I’m sure she’ll be face with a ton of great opportunities in the future.

During tonight’s finale, former contestants Shirley, Stephanie, and Travis assisted Nina in preparing her delicious cuisine. Both Nina’s husband and brother attended the finale, much to her surprise. Nina hadn’t seen her brother in over a year.

2. Nina Compton’s Father Is Her Inspiration

Like many, Nina Compton has let her father guide her into becoming the person she is today. Caribbean quotes her as saying:

I was brought up with a strong sense of family values, my parents were very supportive. One of the biggest lessons I learned from my dad was not to show weakness as a public figure. And I’ve carried that with me all my life.

Though she holds her late father very dear, Nina Compton has another inspiration as well. The Caribbean, St. Lucia specifically, guides her in her cooking as well as her every day life.

Compton dedicated her finale challenge to her late father.

3. Her Father Is The Late Prime Minister Sir John Compton

While Nina Compton’s father was an inspiration to her, he was also an inspiration to many others. Nina’s late father is a beloved figure in St. Lucia’s history, having helped St. Lucia gain its independence from British rule in 1979. The Press Secretary to the Prime Minister (Saint Lucia) posted an endearing and heartfelt press release in support of Nina as well as her father on Facebook. The message was posted on behalf of the current Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony. The message reads:

I have said that winning ‘America’s Top Chef’ title will be the best gift Nina can give to Saint Lucia as we prepare to observe the 35th Anniversary of the date her father led our island into nationhood through independence.

And, in a very sweet portion of the press release, it states:

Nina Compton has made Saint Lucia proud. She has taken the United States of America and the rest of the television world by storm in her quest to become America’s Top TV Chef.

4. She’s Known As The Gnocchi Queen

In her Bravo TV profile, it states:

A self-proclaimed “gnocchi queen,” Nina always keeps Maldon salt, good olive oil, lemon, calabrese chilies, and either pancetta or guanciale on hand.

5. Compton Is The Chef de Cuisine at Scarpetta Restaurant

Nina Compton calls the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami her home as the Chef de Cuisine at Scarpetta restaurant. The restaurant’s website gives a nice bio on her and talks about her role at the restaurant saying:

Chef Compton takes the lead role in the Scarpetta kitchen, introducing new items to the menu while maintaining the restaurant’s high standards and four star rating.

At Scarpetta, Compton works with esteemed chef Scott Conant and produces amazing dishes including: duck and foie gras ravioli, chocolate zeppoles, cold smokes lobster tartare, and olive oil custard.

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