Sun-Staches Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sun-Staches face the Shark Tank on October 17.

Heavy interviewed founder David Levich and his wife, Stephanie, account executive.

1. It Was Started By 3 High School Friends

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Levich, the original founder, started selling watches on eBay.
When he saw the business growing, he called upon his high school friends, Eric Liberman and Dan Gershon. The trio began selling hip-hop jewelry on both the retail and wholesale sides.

They got into the sunglass business after shutter shades became popular.

Their site explains:

Years ago founders David, Eric and Dan were just three best friends who shared a dream…To sit in a room all day long with some of the world’s most intelligent and creative minds and just think up cool s#*%. Though the odds were against them, they never wavered and eventually persevered. Today these 3 best friends are living that dream.

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2. The Products Are ‘Facewear’

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Although they started with the moustache design, they’ve grown to include other motifs like Santa Claus, animal, football helmet glasses.

Stephanie explained, “They now create the most unique novelty and party eyewear or what we all like to call ‘facewear’ on the market. Their styles completely transform the person’s face wearing them.”

Watch the glasses debut on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, above.

3. They’re Available at Party City

You don’t have to look far to buy the eyewear. Besides purchasing through their site, they can be found in retailers like Party City and Spencer’s.

“Our retailers love carrying them because it keeps customers in the store longer. They have a blast trying on the glasses and taking pictures and the sell through rates are incredible,” Stephanie said.

4. They Were Nervous to Face the Sharks

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When asked if he was apprehensive to appear before the sharks, David said:

Totally. We prepared as much as possible. We did practice pitches and Q&As, re-watched every Shark Tank episode and took notes on relevant questions, we knew our numbers… But nothing can prepare you for the tank. It’s rapid fire questioning with a ton of lights and cameras on you.

5. They’re Great for Halloween

Sun-Staches made their reality show debut just in time for Halloween.

You can spice up your costume with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle styles, or anything from a devil to a police officer, pirate, or cowboy.

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