‘Satisfaction’ Cast on USA TV Show

Satisfaction is focused on both the scandalous lives of Neil (Matt Passmore) and Grace Truman (Stephanie Szostak) paired with their search for happiness. Created by Sean Jablonski, who is known for his work with Suits and NipTuck, explains the main idea behind the story line as: “Is being happy a worthwhile thing? There’s this dark cloud over that, like we shouldn’t strive to be happy, we should strive for other things. But we all have that and it’s like grass through cracks in the sidewalk—it’s going to find a way to get out somehow.” The first season revealed Neil's need to break away from his current life and find happiness amid his midlife crisis. Although he may have handled this in unconventional ways, his desire to change his life is a notion most can relate to. Passmore himself describes Neil's struggle,

“As he tries to sort out within himself what he truly wants, the kind of man he truly wants to be and the kind of happiness he is truly searching for … he realizes it’s not the car, it’s not the house, it’s not the TV, it’s not the successful job. I think he realizes the moments he had of true happiness and self-fulfillment were with Grace — when they were both connected both with themselves and each other. I think that will be the postmodern love story, the struggle to get back to that point.” Satisfaction seems to expose the struggles of keeping a marriage together, finding personal happiness, and how the truth always seems to come out in season one, and carries these themes into the next season. The second season, primarily focused on the Trumans' open marriage, shows them coping with their guilty pleasures, starting a business together and dealing with daily drama that infiltrates their relationship. Without spoiling too many details here, watch Satisfaction tonight at 10 p.m. on USA or catch seasons one and two online. Downloading the USA Now app also allows you to watch the scandalous series anywhere. Click through for more information about the characters. (Instagram)

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