Arthur Darvill, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’: The Pictures You Need to See

Arthur Darvill has spent most of his professional life travelling through time. At least on TV. The British-born actor, who will make his debut as Rip Hunter in the CW's Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday night, is best known for his role as Rory Williams, one of the Eleventh Doctor's companions on the sci-fi hit Doctor Who. So, yeah, Darvill has done a good amount of time travelling. But, now, he's ready for his moment stateside. Of course, playing the face of a brand-new superhero franchise is no easy task. Still, Darvill has some experience with enthusiastic fans and he's a natural at interacting on social media. In other words, it shouldn't be too hard for the Brit to fit right in. Click through the gallery to check out some of Darvill's best moments on and off the set, learn about his road to Legends and his hopes for his acting future. (Instagram)

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