Jacqueline & Husband Chris Laurita Net Worth 2016

Jacqueline & Chris Laurita Net Worth

Jacqueline and Chris Laurita of RHONJ appear to have a very loving, honest and strong marriage. Over the past year, they have worked relentlessly with their son Nicholas who is autistic, helping him to improve his speech and communication. Chris has also changed businesses and doesn't have the income that he is used to. In turn, he reveals on RHONJ that he and wife Jacqueline may have to move out of their home soon. When fellow cast member Joe Gorga asks Chris about how Jacqueline feels about this, he says she's amazing and doesn't care about material things in that way. So, what are Chris and Jacqueline working with in their bank accounts? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the couple has an estimated net worth of $500,000. (Instagram)