Who or What Was in Wes’ Body Bag on How to Get Away With Murder?

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All week, we’ve been teased that Nate and Laurel will find something shocking inside Wes’ body bag when they visit the morgue. On Thursday, actor Billy Brown, who plays Nate, got us even more curious when he told TV Guide, “[It’s] a little shocking. Not what they expected… Everything that [Nate] comes across in this episode supports his suspicions that there’s way more to this case.” So what happened? What was the big deal?

When Nate finally let Laurel inside the morgue to see Wes’ body, he opened the body bag to reveal that Wes was not the one inside it!

Tonight’s emotional episode began with Wes’ memorial service, during which Laurel had a breakdown and lashed out at all the unfamiliar faces she saw in the crowd.

After Laurel ran away in tears from the memorial and all the “tragedy whores”, she made her way to the morgue, where she asked to see Wes’ body. The woman working the front desk at the morgue said that her hands were tied, and she couldn’t allow that. Laurel then furiously walked away, muttering, “You’re going to hell some day.” Intense.

Meanwhile, Annalise’s momma (played by Cicely Tyson who is an impressive 92-years-old) tried to take the fall for her daughter, but we later learned that she’s suffering from dementia.

Bonnie fought relentlessly to use Wes’ missing body as proof that Annalise was being framed, and accused ADA Atwood of hiding the body. Annalise ended up coaxing her cellmate to beating her to a pulp, and Bonnie used pictures of her bruised face to prove that Annalise was being targeted in prison– it worked, and bail was granted.

In the final moments of the episode, Annalise lied to her mom and told her all the charges were dropped to calm her down. A flashback showed Nate showing up at Annalise’s house, where he saw Wes.

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