PRETTYMUCH Boy Band Members & Names

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Austin Porter, 19, Brandon Arreaga, 17, Edwin Honoret, 18, Nick Mara, 19, and Zion Kuwonu, 18, are the group members of the boy band PRETTY MUCH, which is set to perform for the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. The group recently released their debut single “Would You Mind” and People says they are rumored to be “the next One Direction”. Simon Cowell has been heading up the band and has the five group members living together in Los Angeles.

Check out the group’s single “Would You Mind” in the below audio video.

Now let’s get into each of the individual singers in the group, starting with Austin Porter.

Austin Porter

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Porter joined PRETTYMUCH in 2016 and released his debut album “One Love” in 2013. When he was younger, he was into hip hop dancing, the drums and performing at church with his mother.

Brandon Arreaga

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Arreaga was previously in a group called TruCrew and he has also been a reality star on the Hub reality series Majors and Minors. Prior to joining PRETTYMUCH, Arreaga had already worked with stars including Jordin Sparks, Will.I.Am, and Avril Lavigne.

Nick Mara

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Previously, Nick Mara was a part of the group Iconic Boyz, who actually compete on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. He has also been a featured dancer and performer on Saturday Night Live, MTV Made and Disney’s Shake it Up. In addition to singing and dancing, Mara has also dabbled in acting.

Zion Kuwonu

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Kuwonu started showing off his performing skills via Instagram and two years later, he became a part of PRETTYMUCH. Originally, Kuwonu hails from Canada.

Edwin Honoret

Edwin Honoret also goes by Edwin Joel and he started making YouTube videos in entertainment, as well as in giving advice to subscribers. Honoret also partnered with AwesomenessTV and did live broadcasts on YouNow under the name Edwin_Honoret. Originally, Honoret moved to Los Angeles, across the country from New York, where he grew up in the Bronx.

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Leighanne King

I love you guys so much!! You inspire me and let me know that there may be someone out there for me, that there’s hope for living life. I really want to get to know you guys on a deeper level. You guys seem really genuine. Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing you. Stay lit.

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