‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 8 Cast Spoilers

VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta returns for its eighth season tonight. Tons of drama has played out behind the scenes, including the firing of cast member Tommie Lee, but the premiere episode promises to bring the drama back to the small screen.

According to VH1, the season’s main cast includes Rasheeda, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd, Stevie J, Kirk Frost, Scrapp DeLeon, Spice and Tokyo Vanity. Stevie J’s wife Faith Evans will appear as a guest star in a handful of episodes, as will Mimi Faust’s daughter Eva Jordan. Some of the storylines that have teased thus far include strained friendships, shootings and adjusting to married life.

Mimi Faust Gets Shot At In the Season Premiere & Beefs With Stevie J

The premiere episode of the season is titled “A New Dawn” and the Xfinity plot description of the episode states, “Spice considers drastic measures to boost her mainstream appeal. An armed robbery propels Stevie J and new wife Faith Evans back to The A. Scrapp is back and gets his first taste of freedom in nearly three years.” During the season 8 teaser, Mimi can be heard calling the police and saying that someone is firing a gun at her. “I walk out, there’s a man who shoots at me,” she later explains.

The second episode is titled “Unfriended”, and has a plot description that states, “After hearing news about Stevie’s recent marriage, Mimi squares off with Stevie. Rasheeda agrees to meet Kirk and Jasmine’s child, Kannon.” This confrontation is also hinted at in the teaser, as its revealed that Eva was introduced to Faith Evans before Mimi. “You wanna come to Atlanta and just go take Eva to meet your motherf**king wife before I do?!” Mimi asks.

Spice Decides Whether She Wants to Bleach Her Skin to Appeal to a Larger Audience

Individual storylines are also teased for the other cast members. Spice is told that she might want to take her appearance to the next level, and considers bleaching her skin to appeal to a larger audience. Spice goes to see a specialist, but walks out in anger when the specialist tells her that she would have to take a psychological evaluation before the procedure is approved. “You’re not even helping,” she says. “I’m gonna excuse myself.” son. Spice explained that she wanted to bleach her skin as a way of provoking her critics, who she says bash her because of the color of her skin.

Scrapp De Leon has been released from prison, and is adjusting to life in a halfway house. “I’m allowed to leave, but only for a few hours a week,” he explains during the teaser. Meanwhile, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost sit down with a clairvoyant in an effort to learn more about the death of Frost’s mother Gloria. “With my mom, they didn’t do an autopsy,” the rapper tells E! Online. “They didn’t recommend it and I wanted it. Because I’m like, ‘Well, you would want to know.’ Rasheeda added that she and Frost “just have a couple of things that we want to ask.”

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