Aegon Targaryen: History & Meaning of the Name on ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones


Last week on Game of Thrones we were reminded again that Jon Snow’s true name is Aegon Targaryen. And tonight, his true name will come up again. Here’s the history of the name in the Targaryen family tree.

There have been quite a few Aegons in the history of Westeros and the Game of Thrones universe, as shared on the Game of Thrones Wikia. Here’s a quick synopsis.

Aegon the Conqueror was the first Targaryen to come from Essos to Westeros. He was the one who built the Iron Throne and conquered Westeros with his three dragons. He was the one who “invented the wheel,” as Tyrion said – the very wheel that Dany wants to break. It’s interesting that Jon Snow’s true name is after the Targaryen who essentially started everything.

Prince Aegon was Aegon the Conqueror’s grandson. He did not sit on the Iron Throne.

Aegon II Targaryen was King of the Iron Throne and usurped the throne from his half-sister during the Dance of Dragons civil war. Joffrey liked to share that Aegon II ordered his dragon to eat his sister so he could take over the throne. He was eventually killed by his own men. Jon doesn’t take after Aegon II at all.

Aegon III Targaryen also sat on the Iron Throne. His mother was the sister that Aegon II fed to a dragon, and he saw it happen. So there’s that.

Aegon IV Targaryen also sat on the Iron Throne. He was sometimes called “The Unworthy” and one of the worst Targaryen kings. He legitimized his bastard son when he died, thus legitimizing the Blackfyre branch of the Targaryens. In the books, he was known as a corrupt and gluttonous leader. I guess that makes him kind of like Cersei, but nothing like Jon Snow.

Aegon Blackfyre – He was the grandson of Aegon IV and the oldest son of Daemon Blackfyre, whom Aegon IV legitimized.

Aegon V Targaryen also sat on the Iron Throne and was known as “Egg.” Aegon was a main character in GRRM’s Dunk and Egg novellas. His son was the Mad King Aerys, Dany’s father. He was the youngest child, so he wasn’t expected to take the throne. But eventually, the crown became his. For a while, Aegon was the squire of Ser Duncan the Tall, who is related to Brienne. Aegon and Ser Duncan died when Aegon tried to hatch new dragon eggs using fire and magic. Instead, the entire palace was burned down. It was this fire that killed Prince Duncan, who is mentioned in a song that is important in Episode 2.

Rhaegar had another son named Aegon. Here’s the weird part. Rhaegar apparently loved the name Aegon, because he didn’t just name his son, Jon Snow, Aegon. He also named his other son with Elia Martell “Aegon” too. But Aegon died by the hands of The Mountain. The Mountain raped and killed Elia, Oberyn Martell’s sister, and then killed her two children with Rhaegar. Jon was the only child of Rhaegar’s to live.

So as you can see, many of the Aegon Targaryens ended up sitting on the Iron Throne. Will Jon want the throne for himself or will he continue to bow to Daenerys? I personally think it’s unlikely that Jon will want the throne. He hasn’t wanted any of the titles given to him so far; they’ve all been forced upon him. It’s unlikely that’s going to change, in my opinion.