Team Blake Shelton on The Voice Season 17 So Far 10/7/2019

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Getth THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: Blake Shelton

The Blind Auditions Part 5 airs on The Voice on Monday, October 7. All eyes are on coach Blake Shelton and his team, after he nabbed three promising artists during last week’s episode. Before tuning in to night 5 of the Bling Auditions, here’s what you should know about the talented artists on Blake Shelton’s team so far:

Cali Wilson

Iowa native Cali Wilson wowed the judges when she gave a stinging rendition of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Both John Legend and Gwen Stefani attempted to win her over, but it was Shelton’s knowledge of her hometown, and the fact that she once spotted him at a gas station, that led to Wilson choosing Team Blake.

NBC reports that Wilson, 28, lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and manages a kickboxing gym when she isn’t working on music.

Jordan Chase

Jordan Chase is a Hurricane Katrina survivor who resides in New Orleans. He told the panel that music helped him cope with the trauma of his experience, and he promptly covered Drake White’s “Makin’ Me Look Good Again.”

Shelton and Stefani fought for the 19-year-old sensation, but it was the the former who came out on top. Shelton complimented his vocal range and his gritty vocal style, and said, noted, “I’m probably gonna pay for this later, [but] that’s how much I love you.” Chase responded to his kind words and is now competing on Team Blake.

Josie Jones

Josie Beth Jones is a country singer who hails from Alabama. She gave a spirited performance of “Men & Mascara” by Julie Roberts, and it struck a major chord with Shelton.“It’s always exciting to me, as the only country coach on this panel, to hear a country voice like I’ve never heard before,” he told Jones.

“You just have this straight laser tone that lays out there, and the pitch is incredible,” he continued. “I get excited when I see the next generation of country artists who are coming along who honors the traditional-sounding country music. … I would love to have you on my team, because the tradition of country music is important to me also.” Jones took his plea and joined the squad.

Kat Hammock

Kat Hammock is a recent high school graduate who hails from New York. She is the youngest member of Team Blake, and she got there by giving a knockout rendition of the song “Vienna” by Billy Joel. Shelton pleaded with Hammock and her family to join his team, pointing out that he had three finalists in the top four last year, and he gave them a gag gift of boots. The gambit worked.

Cory Jackson

Cory Jackson hails from Jonesboro, Arkansas, and he chose to sing a cover of “Galveston” by Glen Campbell. “I spend a lot of time here on the farm. It’s a little cattle farm, but this is all I’ve known pretty much my whole life,” he told the panel. His performance managed to turn the chairs of Shelton, Stefani, and Kelly Clarkson. Stefani tried to convince him to join her team on the pretense of becoming a crossover star, but Jackson decided to go with the panel’s country star, Shelton.

Marina Chello

Marina Chello was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and she immigrated to New York City with her family when she was 11. She credits pop star Mariah Carey for helping her adjust to a new culture, but she opted to perform a cover of “Walk Me Home” by Pink. She was forced to choose between Shelton and Clarkson, but she ultimately decided to go with the former.

#TEAMBLAKE !!!!!!! Thank you so much @NBCTheVoice for this!!!!” Chello tweeted. “I’m beyond excited and soooo grateful! Thank you @kellyclarkson and @blakeshelton for turning for me and making my dreams come true!”