Mother’s Day for Dog Moms 2020 Ideas: Last-Minute Gifts


Happy Mother’s Day 2020! This year, as we’re still sheltering in place from the coronavirus pandemic, you can help the dog moms in your life feel extra special with these gift ideas.

There’s always a chance you already celebrated. The day before Mother’s Day was National Dog Mom’s Day. If you didn’t celebrate Dog Mom’s Day, you can still celebrate Mother’s Day today, of course!

Ideas for Dog Moms

Donation Ideas

Why not donate to the Best Friends Animal Society in the dog mom’s name? She’d love the donation made in her honor! You can donate here or make the gift specifically in her honor and have an eCard sent letting her know here.

Or you can create a fundraiser in honor of Mother’s Day! This can be lots of fun, and Best Friends Animal Society shares how to get started here.

You can even sponsor a dog for Mother’s Day. Best Friends Animal Society has a list here. They include dogs like Caboodle, Raquel, Joy, Kit, Safira, and Soda Pop.

Spread kindness with your dog mom! The Best Friends Animal Society has an idea for doing so right here. Just download their Community Kindness Card (a PDF) and print as many as you’d like to commit to doing. Fill in your name and contact information and check how you’re willing to help people who are quarantined or self-isolating right now. Options include providing pet food, pet supplies, senior assistance, dog walking, or grocery pickup.

If you’d prefer, you can also donate to a shelter or rescue close to you and print out the receipt, giving it the dog mom in your life and letting her know that you donated in her name. For example, Central Texas SPCA takes donations here.

More Fun Ideas

You could create an eCard and send it to the dog mom in your life, signing it with her dogs’ names. Jacquie Lawson has beautiful animated video eCards about dogs, but you have to pay for $ 19.99-year membership to send one. Still, these are really pretty so you might want to consider them. One is here, here, and here. You can also create a custom Mother’s Day “Dog Mom” eCard here. Hallmark has a super cute one for dog or cat moms here. If you don’t want to send an eCard, you can make a card at home and sign your pet’s name.

Why not bake cookies for your dog mom and homemade dog treats for her fur baby? A recipe for Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats is here or you can try another recipe for homemade dog treats here.

You can also subscribe your favorite Dog Mom to a BarkBox. She’ll get a monthly gift box for her favorite pup with treats and toys. You can also choose to give one specifically as a gift here and pick for one month, three, six, or 12 months.

As you can see, all you need is a little creativity to come up with the perfect gift for the fantastic Mom Dog in your life.

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