WATCH: Jason Mesnick Dumps Bachelor Winner Melissa for Runner-Up Molly

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Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor is featured on August 10’s special episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever. Mesnick notoriously chose contestant Melissa Rycroft in the finale, before changing his mind and ending his relationship with Rycroft during the After the Final Rose to be with Molly Malaney.

After the season finale episode aired, during which Mesnick proposed to Rycroft, Mesnick revealed to host Chris Harrison that since filming, he could not stop thinking about Malaney and realized that he and Rycroft were not right for each other. He told Harrison that he had to break up with Rycroft, and Harrison welcomed Rycroft to the couch so she and Mesnick could confront one another.

Mesnick & Malaney Got Back Together on ‘ATFR’ After He Broke Up With Rycroft

With the breakup between Mesnick and Rycroft finalized, Mesnick was informed by Harrison that Malaney was still backstage, waiting for her chance to talk to him. After Mesnick told Malaney that he broke things off with Rycroft because he couldn’t stop thinking about her, she replied, “This is something I dreamt of, but never expected to hear.”

As the two held hands, Harrison asked them what was next. Mesnick told Malaney, “I came here to find something to spend the rest of my life with. Without a doubt, you are that right person.”

Melissa Says She Doesn’t Regret What Happened With Mesnick Because She’s ‘Right Where’ She’s ‘Supposed to Be’

In spite of the difficult and very public breakup, Rycroft says she doesn’t regret what happened because of where she is today. Ahead of August 10’s episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever, Rycroft shared some photos from the show in an Instagram post. In the caption, she reflected:

Please be kind to us tonight…. Listen, nothing about it was ideal, I think we can all agree to that. But it doesn’t change the fact that the outcome was inevitable. People always ask, ‘Are you still mad at them?’ Why? Why would I be? (First….I was never mad at her at all….). But over a decade later, we’re both married, both have beautiful families, so why still be upset? We all moved on from the situation so long ago, that having to relive it again almost feels like watching other people go through it! So please be kind. Jason and Molly are great people who have created a beautiful life together. And I’m right where I am supposed to be…and with who I was meant to be with. None of us are angry, none of us hold a grudge, and oddly none of us regret it, because look where it took us! We may have come out if it all a little scarred, but it made us all so much stronger!

Melissa has been married to her husband Tye Strickland since 2009 and is the mother of their three children. She started dating her husband shortly after she and Mesnick broke up, and they were engaged months later.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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