‘A Godwink Christmas’ Is Based on a True Story: Meet Gery & Paula Conover & Charlotte Inn

Godwink Christmas real Paula and Gery

Crown Media/Facebook and The Charlotte Inn On the left, the couple on Hallmark's A Godwink Christmas. On the right, Paula and Gerry from their Charlotte Inn Facebook photo.

The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film, A Godwink Christmas, is based on a true story. The movie is based on Gery and Paula Conover’s love story, and the Charlotte Inn. The movie may not have been filmed at the Charlotte Inn, but the real-life inspiration and love still permeate the story.

The movie was inspired by the true love story of Gery and Paula Conover, who own the Charlotte Inn on Martha’s Vineyard.

Although the movie wasn’t filmed at the Charlotte Inn in Martha’s Vineyard, the Inn is why this particular story was chosen by Hallmark executives, Vineyard Gazette reported. Squire and Louise (DuArt) Rushnell pitched the story. Squire was vice-president at ABC television and Louise was an actor and comedian. They wrote a series of Godwink books and pitched six Godwink stories to Hallmark. Hallmark chose this one. The Rushnells said this one didn’t have the big “wow” that some of the stories had, but the executives “loved the Martha’s Vineyard backdrop. They loved the sound of the Charlotte Inn,” Squire said.

Here’s a brief look at the couple’s story.

The Charlotte Inn in Edgartown was originally an 1866 house and property, but it was beautifully restored. Gery and Paula Conover have been the inn’s owners for more than five decades. After moving to the island in 1972, Gery recognized the property’s potential and purchased it.

And after this, Gery finally met Paula. The couple met more than 30 years ago, Vineyard Gazette reported.

When they met, Paula was from St. Louis and had a dream of starting a gift shop and meeting prince charming, explains the Facebook page Godwinks. She spent a few days with a friend on Nantucket, and planned to visit Martha’s Vineyard. But her friend had to go in to work and urged Paula to go on her own. Paula went ahead and did just that, and took the ten-minute flight to Martha’s Vineyard by herself. But when she got there, she realized there was no airport cabs. Luckily, Gery Conover was dropping someone off, and offered to give Paula a lift to Edgartown.

Finding Paula captivating, he gave her a tour of his inn and the entire island. They spent the day together. He asked her to stay longer at his inn. She wasn’t going to stay, but a fog rolled in and the planes couldn’t fly. So Paula stayed one more day, and Gery then implored her to stay longer. But Paula wouldn’t stay. She flew to Nantucket and then to Boston.

She was invited to a business lunch with a giftshop wholesaler, the Godwinks Facebook page explained, and the waitress came and said she had a phone call — from Gery. He said he called every gift wholesaler in Boston to find her, and he asked her to come back. Paula said no.

She returned to the Boston airport later and was just about to board her plane to St. Louis when she heard someone calling her name over the loudspeaker. It was Gery. “I really want you to come back,” Gery said. “Just for a day or two.”

Paula finally agreed, and took Gery’s chartered plane. They spent a few idyllic days together, and then it turned into a lifetime, all thanks to unexpected fog, the Godwinks Facebook page explained. You can see a recent picture of the couple below:

The Godwinks Facebook page (home to all the Godwinks stories) concludes with this sweet message: “Over thirty years later, Gary says, ‘When Paula goes to the store, I MISS HER.’ He still runs a PERFECT inn. And, still has PERFECT love. So let this be a powerful message: in the pursuit of love, there’s a big difference between desperation and determination. Gery was not desperate. But he surely was DETERMINED with a small still voice within, guiding his steps.”

And to conclude this story, here is a cute video telling you all about the Charlotte Inn, and a chance to meet Gery and Paula, who are interviewed in the video:

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Do you want to visit Charlotte Inn soon, after seeing the movie?

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