Where Was ‘South Beach Love’ Filmed? See Cast & Locations

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The Hallmark Channel’s movie, “South Beach Love,” premieres on Saturday, October 9 at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central. The movie stars William Levy and Taylor Cole and marks the second-to-last Fall Harvest movie before the Countdown to Christmas lineup begins. Read on to learn all about the movie, including where it was filmed and the starring cast.

‘South Beach Love’ Was Filmed in Florida

“South Beach Love” was filmed in St. Petersburg, Florida, and around the Tampa Bay region, I Love the Burg reported. Coffee Pot Boulevard, the EDGE district, and the Floridian Social Club can all be seen in the trailer alone, so there will be a lot of local Floridian touches in the movie.

Cole shared a series of photos from the set on Instagram when they wrapped filming in late August.

She wrote: “Officially wrapped 🌴 and what a gift 🥰 #SouthBeachLove
Grateful to work with not one but two inspiring writers❣️and such an amazing cast that felt like instant family. 🎁 Based on the book by @caridadpineiro Screenplay by the one and only @andreacanning.”

You can see some of her archived stories about South Beach Love here.


In one video, she shared that she could see the water from her trailer while filming.



Levy shared that he was really excited about being offered the role in this movie.

He told Fox 13: “When I heard about Hallmark offering me this movie, I got really excited because it was a channel that I used to watch a lot when I came from Cuba to learn English. I haven’t done anything like this in my career. This is very close to being who I am in real life…Cuban, and I own two restaurants here in Miami. I love food. I love eating.”

He said he was able to eat real Cuban food while filming because a woman at a Cuban restaurant next door would make the food for them.

It rained on set one day, but the crew still pulled through, shared Miranda Roldan, who also stars in the movie.

Canning, who wrote the screenplay, shared that she was so glad that megastar Levy was in her movie.

Giselle Torres shared a sneak peek of her character’s quinceanera gown.

Here’s another behind-the-scenes photo.

Meet the Cast

The synopsis reads: “Based on the Hallmark Publishing novel by New York Times Bestselling Author Caridad Pineiro comes a story about rival quinceañeras, glorious Cuban cooking, friendship, family ties- and romance.”

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William Levy is Tony. According to IMDb, Levy’s credits include “The Scent of Passion” (Sebastian), “Killing Sarai,” “Star” (Mateo), “Girls Trip,” “The Veil,” “Resident Evil: Final Chapter,” “Addicted,” “The Tempest” (Damian), “Single Ladies,” “Sortilegio,” “Don’t Mess with an Angel” (Juan), “Acorralada” (Larry for 187 episodes), and more.

Levy is a Cuban-American actor and former model who placed third in season 14 of “Dancing with the Stars,” according to the “Dancing with the Stars” wiki. Levy also starred in two reality shows broadcast by Telemundo, and starred in Univision’s Sortilegio, whose finale was viewed by 6.6 million viewers.

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Taylor Cole is Sara. Cole has a long history with Hallmark. She’s the lead in the “Ruby Herring Mysteries” series and starred in “One Winter Wedding,” “Unlocking Christmas,” “Matching Hearts,” “One Winter Proposal,” “Falling for You,” “Christmas Festival on Ice,” and more. She also has numerous other productions under her name, including “Salvation” (Fiona), “The Originals” (Sofya), “Impastor” (Yvette,) “Ballers,” “Supernatural,” “The Glades” (Jennifer), “CSI: Miami” (Samantha), “The Event” (Vicky), “Secret Girlfriend” (Martina), “Heroes” (Rachel Mills), “Summerland” (Erika), and more.

Crown MediaJessica Pacheco, Giselle Torres, Ariel Yasmine, Miranda Roland

Jessica Pacheco is Maria Sanchez. Her credits include “Cuban Tales” (Yesi), “Spades,” “Dame Chocolate” (Ligia), “A Worthy Gentleman,” and more.

Giselle Torres is Teresa Sanchez. Her credits include “Princess Cut 3,” “Princess Cut 2,” “Solve: The Podcast” (Sam), “The Big Show Show,” “Solve,” “Five @ 305” (Giselle), and more.

Ariel Yasmine is Lola Kelly. Her credits include “Cheer Camp Killer,” “After We Collided,” “Check24,” and more.

Miranda Roldan is Dolores Kelly. Her credits include “Law & Order: SVU,” “Hapilly Never After,” “Doubledate.com,” and more.

Also starring are:

  • Justin Smith (Matt Kelly)
  • Moses Jones (Kevin Davis)
  • Caridad Ravelo (Carmen Rodriguez)
  • Roberto Escobar (Mateo Rodriguez)
  • Kylee Benson (Megan)
  • Stella Doyle (Isabel)
  • Alexander Burgos (DJ)
  • Carlos Guerrero (Ernesto)
  • Alejandra Azur Lopez (Teresa’s Friend)
  • Kevin Paul Tydlaska (Stephen)
  • Rachelle Eastburn (Dana)
  • Marina Catalan (Benita)

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