Meet the Cast of the Lifetime Movie ‘You’re Not Safe Here’

Haskiri Velasquez

Getty Haskiri Velasquez stars in the latest Lifetime original thriller.

The latest Lifetime original movie, “You’re Not Safe Here”, premieres Saturday, July 31 at 8 PM EST.

The film’s heroine is a young woman named Ava, who runs away from her abusive boyfriend while carrying his child. On the way to her sister’s house, she swerves off the road and crashes her car. She wakes up in the secluded home of a wealthy and friendly young couple.

It’s not long before she realizes that her hosts aren’t as well-intentioned as they seem. In fact, they want her baby. What will Ava do when there is no one around to hear her scream?

Let’s meet the cast of this Lifetime thriller.

Meet the Cast

Haskiri Velasquez plays Ava. Velasquez plays Daisy in the Peacock reboot of “Saved By the Bell.” She also appeared in the Netflix film “The Forty-Year-Old Version.”

Nicky Whelan and Anthony Cleo play the sophisticated but sinister couple who take Ava in. Whelan’s previous credits include the Lifetime movie “Dear Christmas” with Melissa Joan Hart. Anthony is perhaps best known for the sci-film “Divergent.”

Other cast members include Austin Weyant and Sarah Wisser.

Meet the Director

“You’re Not Safe Here” is Rachel Helson’s first time directing a feature film. The movie was filmed in Helson’s home state of Kentucky.

She told The Courier Journal, “Directing this film was an incredible growing experience and I was fortunate to work with such respected producers from Stargazer Films. Their guidance combined with taking on the challenge for the first time in my home state was both comfortable and reassuring.”

Helson is also an actor. She has appeared in a “Law and Order” episode and in the TV movie “The Probe.” She also received a Tony Award nomination for producing.

The Film Originally Had a Different Title

The working title of “You’re Not Safe Here” was “The Girl in the Window.” Helson recently shared an Instagram photo of the script’s original title page. In the post, Helson gave a shout-out to the film’s writer and editor.

“These two amazing storytellers are as talented as they are kind. SO LUCKY to have worked with them on this project, and I can’t wait to do it again soon (hopefully!),” Helson wrote.

Jeremy Hentschel wrote the script and Spenser Reich edited it. Helson has never met Hentschel or Reich in person. Script discussions and editing sessions took place over the phone, Zoom, or Skype.

Hentschel also wrote the Lifetime movie “Mile High Escorts”, another thriller. The film follows a private airline employee who finds herself in danger after witnessing the death of a co-worker.

Where to Watch the Movie

“You’re Not Safe Here” premieres on Lifetime on July 31 at 8 PM EST. If you miss the premiere, you can watch it anytime on the Lifetime website by logging in with your TV provider details.

No cable? No problem. You can watch all Lifetime content, including live TV, via the streaming service Philo. Philo offers a seven-day free trial and provides access to over sixty channels. You can also watch Lifetime originals via Sling TV. Your first month costs just $10.

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