The Challenge Star Confronted Veteran Who Called Her ‘Old, Fat & Ugly’

The Challenge: Rivals II

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The fifth episode of The Challenge: All Stars saw the elimination of two major competitors on the show as TJ Lavin introduced a new twist. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on April 29.

During the episode, TJ Lavin announced that the eliminations would now be double eliminations, with the last place guy and girl automatically going into the Arena. Syrus Yarbrough and Beth Stolarczyk came in last during that week’s challenge so they were immediately thrown into the elimination to fight for their place in the game.

Since it was still a male day, the house voted for Alton Williams to go up against them and he chose Aneesa Ferreira as his partner in the Arena. The two managed to defeat Beth and Syrus, especially since Syrus was competing with an injured ankle. After the episode aired, Beth went on Instagram Live to unpack the season and her elimination, where she said she confronted Challenge veteran Aneesa Ferreira about her past comments.

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Beth Said Before the Show That She Had Unfinished Business With Aneesa

Beth, 52, returned to All Stars after more than 12 years away from the show since her final appearance on The Gauntlet III in 2008. Before the season began, she revealed to Bustle that she was “nervous” to see Aneesa again since there was “unfinished business” between the two that needed to be discussed.

She told the outlet, “We’ve had not so much great times in the past. We have some unfinished business to talk about.” Although she didn’t specify what their unfinished business was about, in another interview Beth said, “[Aneesa] did not like me in the past, and she was one who used to call me old, fat, and ugly; how’s that gonna work out?”

It’s not the first time Beth called out Aneesa for “bullying” her and making comments about her weight on their earlier seasons, as she also brought it up in various Instagram Lives.

Beth Said She Had a Conversation With Aneesa About Their Past Which Didn’t Make the Final Cut

Beth took to Instagram Live after her All Stars elimination and revealed that she had a conversation with Aneesa about their “unfinished business” that didn’t make the final edit. She said she was the one to pull Aneesa aside to talk about their old seasons together and told Aneesa that she had felt bullied by her in the past.

Beth said Aneesa had made several jabs at her in the past, calling her ugly and fat and told the Challenge veteran that her words had affected her and hurt her. Beth told her supporters that it’s a shame the conversation wasn’t shown because it revealed that people can be hurt underneath a tough exterior.

Beth concluded that portion of her Live by saying that she feels the two made some progress and there is more peace between them but that they still have a way to go.

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Paramount Plus every Thursday.

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