Ex-Bachelorette Tells of Date So ‘Creepy’ it Didn’t Air

Dark woods

Getty Dark, creepy woods. Do not enter.

Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette” had plenty of drama. So much so that not everything that happened could be squeezed on to the show. In her book, “I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love,” Maynard describes an unaired date so “creepy” that “it took things to a whole other level of crazy.”

Maynard starred on season eight of “The Bachelorette.” She had previously gotten engaged to Brad Womack on season 15 of “The Bachelor,” but their relationships did not work out. In both seasons, Maynard was very open about being a widow, and having a daughter named Ricki, who she was raising on her own.

Most fans remember Alessandro Goulart as the guy from Maynard’s season who was sent home for saying that dating someone with a child is a “compromise.” However, according to Maynard’s book, there was more to him that the viewers didn’t see.

Goulart was a self-proclaimed vampire hunter. To prove it, he asked Maynard to go into the woods with him. As Maynard describes it, “Alessandro was babbling on about something, but I couldn’t hear a word that was coming out of his mouth because my eyes were glued to these various-sized crosses that hung down from almost every limb on almost every tree.”

Maynard further describes, “If the atmosphere wasn’t creepy enough, I could see a fog machine in action vomiting a continual stream of haze around where we stood. While I was paralyzed in shock, the guy continued his disturbing vampire rant, none of which made any sense to me. I knew in that moment that this particular bachelor and I lived on completely different planets.”

Jesus and Vampires Just Don’t Mix

Maynard, as a woman of strong Christian faith, was growing increasingly disturbed as the date went on. She began to become “furious” and found the whole debacle “utterly disrespectful.” In her book, she wrote, “Sorry, folks, but I don’t think Jesus has much in common with vampires.”

Production had to be shut down at one point because Maynard got so upset, she threw down the lantern she had been carrying and started yelling. Host Chris Harrison later came up to her and said, “I didn’t know you had it in you to yell like that, Emily, but I loved it!”

The rose ceremony that followed the date was much more volatile than what was seen on TV, according to Maynard. She was still quite livid, so the speech she delivered before the ceremony also did not air. Maynard explains, “I guess my words still betrayed much of the rage I felt. Part of what I really said to the well-dressed bachelors was, ‘I’m tired of vampire talk. This whole thing is starting to be a joke. I’m sorry you guys have to go through this, and though we’re in it together, at this point I don’t feel like I’m going to fall in love. This is too much.’ What aired, of course, was a much more generic, nonthreatening speech.”

Maynard is able to laugh about the incident now, but at the time she felt angry and manipulated. Production now has a phrase associated with her tirade called “going crosses.”

Where is Emily Maynard Now?

Although Maynard got engaged to Jef Holm at the end of her season in 2012, the two went their separate ways shortly after. Two years later, Maynard married Tyler Johnson, who she met at church. Ricki is now a teenager. Maynard and Johnson have four children of their own, three boys and a girl, according to a 2021 article in People magazine.

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