Former Bachelor Contestant Accuses Star of Sex-Shaming & Bullying

The Bachelor


While the latest season of The Bachelorette continues to air on ABC, Bachelor Nation fans are turning their attention to drama happening off-screen between two of the reality series’ alums.

For the past month, former Bachelor contestant Taylor Nolan and Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr. have been feuding back and forth on social media for what they’ve posted on their respective Instagram accounts. On November 26, Nolan shared a video on Instagram in which she called out Luyendyk specifically, even tagging him in the comments to let him know “this is for you.”

With the video, Nolan wrote, “I don’t exist to be classy for you. And I won’t be small or ashamed of who I am or what I do. Reacting to accountability, as if it’s a form of oppression, with childish bullying, sex shaming, and belittling is sad, shows all your privilege, and it DON’T work here. Good try though.”

Her message to Luyendyk was in response to a comment he left on a paid partnership post on her Instagram, published on November 19. Below the post, which advertised the Trojan Tantrix Pleasure Sleeve, Luyendyk wrote, “Love how you came after me for posting an election poll but you’re advertising masturbation pads or whatever [the] hell this is … classy.”

Nolan was a contestant on season 21 of The Bachelor, which starred Nick Viall. Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor aired the following year.

Luyendyk’s Comment Was in Response to Nolan’s Criticism of His Instagram Stories About the Election

Based on Luyendyk’s comment and Nolan’s subsequent response, it seems that the social media feud was sparked over Nolan’s reaction to a series of poll questions Luyendyk put on his Instagram story ahead of the election.

In early November, Nolan took to her Instagram stories to call out the stories, in which Luyendyk asked his followers for their opinions on a variety of political topics before saying, “Remember we are all United and it’s OK to have different opinions that’s freedom.” Of his stories and comments, Nolan said, “How are you going to say were all united when the other people are literally voting against the rights of their neighbors? ‘There’s both people on good sides?’ … It’s bulls—-t.”

Luyendyk responded to her criticism with his pointed comment on Nolan’s partnership post with Trojan two weeks later. Defending herself, Nolan wrote in her Instagram response, “I get it’s hard for white men, specifically, to understand their privilege…because y’all really benefit from upholding white supremacy, shit ya made it! So when someone, especially a BIPOC woman, asks for accountability or calls into question your problematic or harmful ‘opinions’ your quick to belittle, shame, and deflect. It feels threatening, and how dare I?! You want to put them back in place, make us be ‘classy’ for you.”

Friends & Fans of Nolan Defended Her as a Sex Therapist & Influencer

In addition to her influencer status as a Bachelor alum, Nolan is also a sex therapist and uses her Instagram platform and podcast to educate her audience around all things related to sex and intimacy. That work includes paid partnerships with companies that offer products centering sex. One of those partnerships is with Trojan, and that is the post that Luyendyk commented on.

In defense of Nolan and her work, her Instagram followers were quick to put down Luyendyk for commenting negatively on her post. One user responded to Luyendyk, writing, “coming at someone for talking about sex is actually one of the least classy things I can think of.” Another said, “Gross, dude. Keep doing what you’re doing, @taymocha. Sex positivity isn’t shameful, but this sort of f—ery is.”

Nolan addressed the fact that promoting sex brands and content is part of her job. In the video, she remarked, “This is part of what I do for my job, I do partnerships on Instagram. I also work as a sex therapist. I’m a licensed psychotherapist and I’m in school getting my PHD in clinical sexology. So. this is the post that he feels is something that he can put me down with. That it’s laughable. … [It’s] sex-shaming and sex negativity, which this is not a space for. Y’all know that I don’t play with that s—-t. My whole passion and job, literally that I’ve chosen, is to fight against that.” She said, too, that Luyendyk’s public criticism on a paid, brand-sponsored post “could hit [her] in [her] income.”

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