Top 10 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees 2017

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Fiber optic Christmas trees take the work and the hassle out of decorating for Christmas. Anyone who has spent hours untangling Christmas lights, searching for the one burnt out bulb in a string of lights, or cleaning up the mess when lights break knows that Christmas tree lights may look beautiful when they are up, but they are a real pain to install! Modern artificial trees have lights built right in to the tree itself. Usually these are in the form of LED lights, but an even cooler option is fiber optics. Fiber optic lights give a twinkly, dazzling look to your tree and provide a more even coverage of light throughout the entire tree.

The trees on this list come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Whether you are looking for an extra large tree to fit in a house with high ceilings, or a tree small enough for a table top or entry way, you will find it in this list. Some trees look more traditional, while others are more modern in bright colors and multicolored light options. We have trees of all different prices as well, so you will definitely fine one to fit your budget.

All of the trees on this list are available for purchase on for fast holiday shipping, so even if you are last minute decorator you are in luck. Be sure to check out our thoughtfully curated gift guides as well for ideas on gifts to put under your new fiber optic tree or in your Christmas stockings!

1. Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Fiber Optic 7′ Green Artificial Christmas Tree

 Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Fiber Optic 7' Green Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Multicolor Lights and Stand , best fiber optic christmas tree

This seven foot tall tree from Best Choice Products is the best selling fiber optic tree on Amazon right now. It is really stunning with a thick foliage of PVC needles, a sturdy iron base and over 250 LED lights. Each individual LED is surrounded by a bunch of fiber optic threads, giving a beautiful frosted look to the tree. The lights come in four different colors and can be set on eight alternating sequences. This tree is very easy to assemble as well, and comes packaged in only two sections that have to be put together. The tree is not completely weather resistant but it can be used in some outdoor conditions. Click here to see more artificial Christmas trees from Best Choice products.

Price: $134.94 with free shipping

Buy the Best Choice Products Tree here.


  • Includes LEDs and fiber optic lights
  • Very high quality materials
  • Easy to install


  • More expensive than others on this list
  • Not rated for outdoor use
  • Some reviewers has issues with the lights after one season of use

Find more best Choice Products information and reviews here.

2. HOMCOM 6′ Artificial Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

6' Artificial Fiber Optic w/ LED Lights Holiday Lighted Christmas Tree , best fiber optic christmas tree

This six foot tall tree from HOMCOM is another beautiful full sized option for your tree. It includes LED lights, fiber optics and even a pre lit star topper. The branch structure is balanced and gives this tree a perfect cone shape, and the branches are all densely covered with a full foliage of artificial needles. This tree also has numerous light settings for the LEDs and fiber optics. Reviewers noted that the metal base is very sturdy and this tree stands up without any wobbling or unevenness.

Price: $69.99 with free shipping

Buy the HOMCOM Tree here.


  • Comes with LEDs and fiber optics
  • Includes a pre-lit star shaped tree topper
  • Narrow shape fits in small or large homes


  • The star topper is not removable
  • Some reviewers had issues with hanging heavy ornaments
  • Not as large as most artificial trees

Find more HOMCOM information and reviews here.

3. Tektrum 36″ Fiber Optic Rainbow Colored Christmas Tree


If you live in a small home or apartment, a miniature sized artificial tree is the way to go. You do not need to have an extra large tree to fill your home with the holiday spirit, and this tree from Tektrum shows just how festive small trees can be. This three foot tall tree has LEDs, fiber optics and a star topper. The color of the lights changes steadily to give a constant light show, moving from white through each color of the rainbow. There are 95 total LEDs, which is a lot for such a small tree. The branches are also adjustable, so you can shape the tree however you want it.

Tektrum sells a wide variety of fiber optic trees in different sizes,including some with golden needles and others with extra long fiber optic cables. Click here to browse more from Tektrum.

Price: $156.24 with free shipping

Buy the Tektrum Tree here.


  • Comes with a high density of LED and fiber optic lights
  • Star topper is pre-lit and comes included with the tree
  • Perfect for smaller homes


  • For indoor use only
  • No customer reviews
  • Topper is not removable

Find more Tektrum information and reviews here.

4. DAK 6′ Pre-Lit Color Changing Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

DAK 6' Pre-Lit Color Changing Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree, dak, best fiber optic christmas tree

Here is another lovely full sized tree with fiber optic lights. This tree from DAK has only fiber optic lights on its branches, so you can customize it with your own string lights as well. There are 276 branch tips on this tree, giving it a very full look. The stand is included and is much more decorative than most other artificial trees. The tree is easy to assemble and comes in only two pieces.

Price: $138.74 with free shipping

Buy the DAK Tree here.


  • Very full foliage and easy assembly
  • Full coverage of lights on each branch
  • Stand is more attractive than others


  • Fiber optics only, no LEDs
  • Bulb at the base of fiber optics may wear out
  • Some reviewers found the images misleading

Find more DAK information and reviews here.

5. Home For The Holidays 6′ Fiber Optic Tree with Stand


Here is a low cost option if you are looking to save a few bucks on your Christmas tree. Although this six foot tall tree from Home for the Holidays is not quite as full in the foliage as others, it still has an impressive display of fiber optics throughout the branches. And if you thought the under $30 price tag could not be beat, this tree even comes with free shipping as well. With the right decorations this Charlie Brown tree would rival the most expensive trees out there!

Price: $32.99 with free shipping

Buy the Home For The Holidays Tree here.


  • Very inexpensive compared with other trees
  • Full sized at six feet tall
  • Has fiber optics on every branch


  • Some of the images in the product page are misleading
  • Does not have very full foliage
  • Not made of the best quality materials

Find more Home For The Holidays information and reviews here.

6. National Tree 60″ Fiber Optic Evergreen Tree

 National Tree 60 Inch Fiber Optic Evergreen Tree with 150 Multicolored Lights in a 16 Inch Stand (SZE7-147-60) , best fiber optic christmas tree

If you want a mid sized tree for your home or office, you cannot go wrong with this 60 inch tree from National Tree. This tree has both LEDs and fiber optics in a lovely multi-colored display, and when the lights are on it is super bright! The tree is 30 inches in diameter at the base and comes with a sturdy base. Reviewers liked that this tree does not require batteries, can run 24/7 without getting hot and it comes in one piece so there is no assembly required. If you want to see more from National Tree Company, click here to browse their tree selection.

Price: $99.99 with free shipping

Buy the National Tree Evergreen here.


  • Has LEDs and fiber optics
  • Great light coverage
  • Very colorful


  • Relatively expensive for a smaller tree
  • Some reviewers noted the tree seems smaller than the photos
  • Some reviewers had trees from this brand only last one year

Find more National Tree Evergreen information and reviews here.

7. National Tree 32″ Fiber Optic Silver Tinsel Fireworks Tree

National Tree 32

If you live in an apartment or want a small tree to put on a tabletop in your home or office, a 32 inch free like this one from National Tree is perfect. This tree is very unique, with silver tinsel needles a decorative silver base. The tree measures 19″ max diameter and 32″ high with the stand included. It includes multiple LEDs as well as fiber optics that are lit from LED lights in the base. It is super bright and energy efficient and you never have to worry about changing the bulbs. Click here to browse more innovative pre-lit trees from National Tree Company.

Price: $59.99 with free shipping

Buy the National Tree Fireworks Tree here.


  • Free shipping and relatively inexpensive
  • Very colorful and festive with silver tinsel
  • Small size is good for apartments and offices


  • Not the tree for you if you want a traditional look
  • Does not come with a topper
  • Not good for larger homes

Find more National Tree information and reviews here.

8. FSW Deals 8′ Green Pre-Lit Multi Colored Fiber Optic LED Christmas Tree


For homes with very tall ceilings, regular six and seven foot trees just do not cut it. You need a massive tree that will wow your guests and show off the lovely architecture of your home. Pre lit trees like this eight foot monster take so much work out of decorating such a large Christmas centerpiece, so you can focus on ornaments instead of stringing lights. This tree even comes with a star topper that is pre lit as well. You can choose either a red or clear color for the star topper. Even though this tree is so large, set up takes only minutes because it is shipped in two sections. This makes it very easy to store as well.

Price: $119.99

Buy the FSW Deals Tree here.


  • Super tall for high ceiling homes
  • Good coverage of lights on all of the foliage
  • Relatively inexpensive for the size


  • Not good for small homes
  • Stand may be different than the one pictured
  • No option to choose which color star light when purchasing tree

Find more FSW Deals information and reviews here.

9. DAK Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree with Red Poinsettias

DAK Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree with Red Poinsettias, best fiber optic christmas tree

Poinsettias are without question the official flower of Christmas, even if they are not technically a flower but brightly colored foliage. This tree makes use of both poinsettia and pine, with fiber optic lights throughout the boughs. This is a nice mid sized tree, at five feet it is a good size for apartments or small homes. If you want a tree that is entirely poinsettias with no pine, click here to see a similar tree.

Price: $119.67 with free shipping

Buy the DAK Tree with Red Poinsettias here.


  • Includes red and green for Christmas colors
  • Mid sized, perfect for smaller homes
  • Has a natural look


  • More expensive than other similarly sized trees
  • Less room for ornaments
  • Not many reviews on amazon

Find more DAK information and reviews here.

10. Holiday Time Pre-Lit 32″ White Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

Holiday Time Pre-Lit 32

Finally, here is an adorable all-white tree from Holiday Time. I love white trees because they make it look like it has just snowed, while at the same time looking very modern and sleek. White trees reflect light well, which can be seen clearly when you turn on the fiber optics in this tree. In fact, this tree looks almost pastel when it is lit up. This tree is 32 inches, making it perfect for a table top or inside of a small apartment, house or office. For more Holiday Time trees, click here. Or, if you want to see more white colored Christmas trees, click here to browse.

Price: $31.70

Buy the Holiday Time Tree here.


  • Very cute and festive white color with multicolored lights
  • Small enough for a table top or desk
  • Modern color and style


  • Very small
  • Not traditional looking
  • Reviewers found it to be overpriced

Find more Holiday Time information and reviews here.

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