21 Best Cheese Gift Baskets: Your Ultimate List (2018)

What does everyone do when they’re celebrating? They eat. There’s a mutual understanding that eating and drinking to your heart’s content is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s a special occasion and you’re “celebrating”. We love a good excuse to indulge, so when one comes around, we take it. No questions asked.

This celebratory eating ritual makes gift giving a breeze, especially for those tricky people who you don’t know that well or who live far away (colleagues, clients, distant friends). As long as the gift includes food, it’s a sure win. What’s more of a guarantee than gifting food, is gifting cheese. We’ve read about the addictive qualities of cheese from multiple sources, and that’s a scientific fact we’ve experienced first hand. Cheese can always be considered an “appetizer” or a “snack” regardless of the quantities consumed, which makes us feel less guilty when we eat an entire block in one sitting. “What? It was just a light, pre-dinner snack.” And all’s right with the world.

There’s a basket and box for every taste and price point on this list, so if you want to impress with a huge basket, or save a little cash, there’s still a great option. The Farmer’s Market gift basket at the top of this list is our favorite pick. Not only is it the least expensive, but focuses on top notch cheese rather than fillers like meat, nuts, or crackers.

If none of these cheese filled gift baskets are what you’re looking for, you can shop tons of options and find the one that’s just right for your recipient.

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