21 Best Cheese Gift Baskets: Your Ultimate List

What does everyone do when they’re celebrating? They eat. Gift one of these great cheese gift baskets to someone on your list for endless cheesy snacking – the best kind.

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There's a mutual understanding that eating/drinking to your heart's content is perfectly acceptable as long as it's a special occasion and you're "celebrating". We love a good excuse to indulge, so when one comes around, we take it. No questions asked.

This celebratory eating ritual makes gift-giving a breeze, especially for those tricky people who you don't know that well or who live far away (colleagues, clients, distant friends). As long as the gift includes food, it's a sure win. What's more of a guarantee than gifting food, is gifting cheese. We've read about the addictive qualities of cheese from multiple sources, and that's a scientific fact we've experienced first hand. Cheese can always be considered an "appetizer" or a "snack" regardless of the quantities consumed, which makes us feel less guilty when we eat an entire block in one sitting. "What? It was just a light, pre-dinner snack." And all's right with the world.

There's a basket and box for every taste and price point on this list, so if you want to impress with a huge basket, or save a little cash, there's still a great option. The Farmer's Market gift basket at the top of this list is our favorite pick. Not only is it the least expensive, but it focuses on top-notch cheese rather than fillers like meat, nuts, or crackers.

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