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17 Best Tequila Gifts for Christmas: The Ultimate List

There are so many nicely nuanced tequilas in the world that just having it as part of a margarita really sells it short. Even if you don’t plan on ponderously sipping a glass of Codigo 1530 Origen, and instead opt to slam down some Cuervo with salt and a lime, tequila appreciation is for everyone. Of course, the margarita application is an evergreen way to enjoy it. For the blue agave fans in your life, here are the best Christmas gifts for tequila lovers.

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The distilled liquid of the blue agave plant, tequila is native to Mexico, where it is routinely served neat. Unlike whiskies that are usually aged for eight to 12 years, tequilas are bottled either immediately after distillation (blanco and plata varieties), between two and twelve months of barrel aging (reposado), aged between one and three years (añejo), or aged a minimum of three years (extra añejo). Especially with the older varieties, complex flavors abound and make tequila every bit as worthy of appreciation as any whiskey.

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