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17 Best Reindeer Costumes: Your Ultimate List

What would Christmas be without Santa’s trusty reindeer? Whether you’re looking for a Halloween costume or a fun outfit for a Christmas party, these are the best reindeer costumes available right now for kids, adults, and even pets.

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Reindeer Costume Styles

Reindeer costumes come in a few different styles, from full-body outfits and onesies to cute headbands and wacky inflatables. Choosing a style depends on where you want to wear the costume and how all-out you want to go with it.

Reindeer headbands, for example, are so fun and casual that you can wear them with normal clothes and still give your overall appearance a festive element. While full-body outfits are more of a commitment and are better-suited for Christmas parties with friends and family.

No matter what you're looking for, there are some great options to choose from! 

What is the Best Women's Reindeer Costume?

My favorite women's reindeer costume has got to be the Leg Avenue Women's Hooded Fawn Costume, which is so stylish and fun that you can wear it just about anywhere around the holidays. Plus, it doubles as a light jacket to keep you warm during chilly weather. 

Another great women's reindeer costume is the Fun World Reindeer Poncho Adult Costume, which has a slightly dressier vibe—assuming its possible for a reindeer costume to feel dressy? This poncho is even warmer than the Hooded Fawn Costume and comes with a convenient front pocket. It looks a little more like a costume, but maybe that's exactly what you're looking for!

What is the Best Men's Reindeer Outfit?

Men's reindeer outfits tend to be a little less stylish and a little more over-the-top, but I'm not complaining! Some of the best choices from the above list include the Santa Ride-A-Reindeer Adult Costume, which is completely hilarious, or the Forum Novelties Reindeer Costume, which is aimed at users who are around 6' tall. 

What is the Best Reindeer Headband?

If you're looking for a reindeer headband, you're in luck, because there are a lot of great options to choose from. My personal favorite is the Pagreberya Reindeer Antlers Headband, which has 9.5-inch antlers, 3.5-inch ears, and an adorable mistletoe and jingle bell accent. 

If you want a more realistic look, you could also go with the elope Disney's Frozen Sven Antlers, which are massive and downright majestic! Or, if you want something a little more vibrant, I'd recommend the FlashingBlinkyLights Light Up Reindeer Antlers, which are sure to brighten up your Christmas season. 

What is the Best Reindeer Onesie for Adults? 

Reindeer onesies are another great costume style because they look adorable, are super comfortable, and are incredibly easy to take on and off. The best reindeer onesie for adults is the Casabaco Adult Reindeer Onesie. It's cute, comfortable, and has size options for people between 4'11" all the way up to 6'1", meaning it works well for most women and most men. What's not to like? 

What is the Best Inflatable Reindeer Costume?

There aren't a ton of inflatable reindeer costumes to choose from, but thankfully, the Amscan Inflatable Reindeer Costume is so fun that you don't need any other options. It makes a hilarious outfit for any Christmas party and it's surprisingly comfortable to wear. 

What is the Best Reindeer Costume for Kids?

There are so many great reindeer costumes for kids that it's impossible for me to pick my favorite. Instead I'll just redirect you to consider the style that your kid wants to wear. If they like the onesie style, you can't go wrong with the AYHome Kids Reindeer Onesie, which is downright adorable and super-highly-reviewed. 

Or if the aspiring reindeer in your life is even younger, you could consider the Reindeer Rascal Infant/Toddler Costume, which is perfect for little ones age one-and-a-half or below. 

Other great kids reindeer costume options include the Santa Ride-a-Reindeer Kids' Costume and the Colorfog Christmas Deer Costume, which are totally different from one another but each awesome in their own way.

What is the Best Cat and Dog Reindeer Costume?

Last but not least, there are a couple of great costume options for the furry friends in your life as well! If you want something basic, I'd go with the Reindeer Costume Hat, which is easy to put on and ridiculously cute.  Or if you want a full-body suit, you can't go wrong with the Mogoko Dog/Cat Christmas Reindeer Costume, which gives the outfit a more complete look and can even keep your dog or cat warm during cold weather. 

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