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101 Thoughtful Gifts For Women in 2023

If you’ve been searching for some really unique and especially heartfelt gifts for those special women in your life, we know it requires more than a little finesse. Just for you, we’ve rounded up 101 of the very best gift ideas for women that ensure absolutely every lady on your list will be delighted and impressed.

No matter whether she’s older or younger, this list offers a wide variety of thoughtful birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gift ideas for women.

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Whether you're looking for a small token of your appreciation for an employee, a thoughtful gift for your mom, or a luxurious gift for a major anniversary with your sweetheart, we're certain that one of these best gift ideas for women will suit her perfectly.

Our list of time-tested and trending new favorites is here to help you zero in on a cool product that will perfectly suit the woman you are shopping for. We constantly update this guide to have the latest and greatest gifts for women.

What are the best gift ideas for her? It depends on a variety of factors, so let us help you narrow down the choices:

Unique Gifts for Her

When you're looking for something totally unique, whether it's a new Nikon Camera that allows her to flex her creative muscles or a sassy fashion piece like a faux leopard jacket the lets her express her inner diva, these Unique Gifts for Her will tickle her fancy and impress her with your thoughtfulness.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Finding the right gifts for friends and neighbors can be pretty daunting. You don't want to overdo and you definitely don't want to ignore them during the holidays. Something as simple as a funny coffee mug and some killer coffee beans is always appreciated. 

If you're super close, you might want to consider something more personal like a cool barware set or Moscow mule mugs. Then plan to get together for a holiday toast.

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Natch, you're looking to impress when you're searching for gift ideas for your girlfriend, so you'll want to make careful and thoughtful choices. We think she'll love something personal, like clothing. Perhaps a cozy cashmere cold shoulder sweater, or some beautiful deerskin driving gloves.

Naturally, if you're brave enough, jewelry gifts are always at the top of a woman's list. Consider a luminous pair of pearl drop earrings or a diamond ring that signals your commitment to a long-term relationship.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

When you're looking for something that literally wraps your mom in a warm hug from you, most moms are thrilled with a stunning pashmina shawl. Warm and fashionable too, these scarves can be her statement piece for the season. 

Birthstone rings are another great gift idea, and by this, we mean HER birthstone, not the rings with stones that represent her kids. These rings can celebrate the stone that's specific to her birth month, and she'll likely wear one from you for the rest of her life.

 If she's a wizard in the kitchen, why not consider getting her one of those splurge gifts that she's been wanting but not willing to invest in for herself. The Chef Steps Joule Sous Vide is a perfect example, and will change her cooking paradigm altogether. Some gorgeous copper cookware, or a Breville smart oven would definitely make her day and lead to even more culinary magic in the kitchen. 

Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

Ahhh... the classic conundrum. The woman in your life says she wants nothing, but woe be it for the person who follows her advice. Usually, it's because she's embarrassed to say what she really wants, or perhaps it means she's worried about your budget and doesn't want to ask for something that might stretch it. 

At times like these, we recommend the kinds of gifts that are a present for her, but also offer a cause-related benefit too. That will likely assuage any guilt she has over getting something nice from you.

With that thinking in mind, if she's an animal lover, she might adore a pair of Skechers BOBS.  These cool and comfy kicks direct a portion of the sale price to support animal shelters and other animal causes.

Does she care deeply about clean water, a healthy environment, or ending human trafficking? Benevolence L.A. products run the gamut from jewelry to candles to fashion. Depending on which item you choose for her, you'll find which charitable organization it supports.

What Are the Best Funny Gift Ideas for Women

Sometimes you just want to give the lady in your life something that is going to make her laugh hard, and there are plenty of humorous options that fit the bill. 

This journal takes a hilarious turn from the norm, with a somewhat snarky attitude about gratitude. A funny and slightly inappropriate cookbook gives serious props to the many ways to prep chicken dinner.