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21 Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Everyone

On Christmas morning, children rush toward the Christmas tree in order to see all of the goodies that Santa has left for them. But many families are beginning to gift Christmas Eve boxes the night before as a new type of tradition. Below you’ll find our favorite Christmas Eve box ideas. From boxes themselves to the festive things to put inside them, we’ve got you covered. Your loved ones are going to go nuts over the idea and will look forward to every Christmas Eve going forward.

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What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Some of you reading this might be confused as to what Christmas Eve boxes are. BBC News wrote an article a few years back that breaks down the growing tradition. 

Parents will differ as to how extravagant their Christmas Eve box gifts will be. But typically these pre-Christmas gifts are smaller items that can be enjoyed prior to the big day. 

Our list above features a bunch of great ideas that can bring more excitement to both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself. 

What Do You Fill a Christmas Eve Box With? 

A Christmas Eve box can be used to build additional hype for Santa's upcoming visit. Some great ideas we'd recommend are matching Christmas pajama sets. Or, how about a fancy cocoa kit that you can enjoy while watching a holiday movie the night before Christmas.

A warm and comfy Christmas blanket is a great idea. It can be used to snuggle up the night before and during Christmas morning. Chocolates and other festive candies are always a hit. And younger kids will always cherish plushes that they can tie Christmas memories to.

Is a Christmas Eve Box from Santa?

When gifting them to children, who Christmas Eve boxes come from will differ from household to household. Typically, in homes where presents come from mom, dad, and Santa, the parents will get the credit for the Christmas Eve box and its contents.

However, in some houses, parents don't give presents at all and it's Kris Kringle himself that gets all the honors. In these scenarios, mom and dad could, of course, just take the praise for the glory that comes from a Christmas Eve box. But, if you're adamant that all Christmas presents revolve around Santa, you could always simply chalk up the Christmas Eve box or any other Christmas Eve gift's existence to good ole fashion North Pole magic. 

Where Did Christmas Eve Boxes Originate?

So where did this fun new tradition of Christmas Eve boxes originate? Great question! Country Living states that the concept is "believed to derive from the German tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve."

Many families exchange smaller gifts or treats on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the full-blown event the next morning. The idea of the Christmas Eve box is to take that concept and package it in a way that's more glamorous. 

Instead of handing a few smaller items out to be unwrapped, it builds much more anticipation being offered a box of relative size that could contain the unknown. Christmas Eve boxes are a fun idea and one that your friends and family will look forward to each and every Christmas Eve. 

But if you're still on the hunt for actual Christmas Day presents, check out our list of 101 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Kids or the 101 Best Gifts for Dad for some helpful guidance. 

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