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101 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Guys

Some guys can be really tough to shop for. They either seemingly have everything they could ever need, or they are too stubborn to make a list or ask for something they truly want. Want to give the guy in your life something truly awesome for Christmas this year? Check out our list of the best and most awesome Christmas gifts for guys that will ensure all the guys on your Xmas shopping list are thoroughly happy.

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101 Listed Items

When it comes to the most awesome gifts of the year everyone's "awesome" can differ greatly. The gifts you will find on this list were researched and what we found is that the most awesome gifts are big-ticket items that guys won't typically ask for. Luckily, we did a lot of the heavy lifting and put together a list of 101 awesome gift ideas just in time for Christmas. The guys on your list are going to jump through the roof when they unwrap these amazing gifts. That is, if you can actually wrap them because some of these gifts are big, they are cool, and they are the kind of gift that will make everyone else around the tree, jealous. 

What are the Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Guys?

Christmas gifts that you don't see appearing on every list are unique, but that doesn't mean they are any less special. These are the gifts that might be higher in price or are bigger than the average gift. The gifts where a lot of "outside the box thinking" took place before making the purchase. Not only are these gifts unique, but we also looked into the shipping times for these gifts and they should get to you just in time for the Christmas celebration. Even if they are a day late, they are still amazing and awesome in their own right.

Not every guy out there is going to ask for or want a wine refrigerator, but for the guy that does want one, we have the best one picked out for you. Keep all of those precious bottles chilled and ready to go without taking up a ton of space in the house or apartment. The cool lights add to the ambiance and are simply put, are awesome. At 24 inches and holding 46 bottles of wine, this gift is so cool, that refrigerator puns are necessary to describe its awesomeness.

IF the guy on your list is a DJ or has an interest in becoming a DJ there is one setup that will make that lifestyle so much easier. As a DJ myself, I look for complete setups that can be packed up and put together at venues with ease. This setup will make life easier so he has more time to spin the best tunes and play as many gigs as humanly possible. I, personally, pieced together my DJ equipment over years and years to tweak my setup to my liking. Now, you can buy him a complete setup, and watch as his dance card fills up rather quickly. 

What are the Techiest Christmas Gifts for Guys?

Tech-related gifts are some of the most desirable gifts on the planet and the most requested gifts every single year. From video game consoles to drones to RC cars and trucks, if it is tech-related, it is a hot item come November. Within this 101 item list, there are some seriously cool tech gifts that any guy would be lucky to unwrap this year for Christmas. Check out the most awesome tech gifts on our list of the 101 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Guys.

When talking to drone fans there is one drone that is talked about more than all of the others. Because of its ease of use, battery life, and control distance, the DJ Mavic drone is ordered and purchased more than most other drones in the U.S. This drone is undoubtedly one of the most awesome gifts you can give the tech-savvy guy on your list this Christmas season. 

Security systems are a hot item every single year and are installed in more homes than the previous year. This awesome weatherproof four-camera system is easy to use, features night vision and motion-activated cameras, and can be accessed by a cell phone for easy monitoring. Even if the guy on your list isn't very tech-savvy, he can set this system up himself and have it running in no time. Not only does this gift come with years of use but it is also given with peace of mind. 

What Big Ticket Items are the Most Awesome?

While these items are a bit pricier than others on the list, that doesn't make them any less desireable. These are the gifts that most guys will balk at asking for. So you have a great chance to surprise the guy on your list with something that will change his life for the better. Just because he didn't ask for the gift doesn't mean he isn't going to jump through the roof when he opens it. Check out the best big-ticket items on our list of the most awesome Christmas gifts.

Giving a guy a grill for Christmas is such a good idea. If he doesn't have one already or has one that is at the end of its life then you should definitely get major brownie points this Christmas by getting him a new grill. Just know, that you are going to be on the top of his invite list for BBQs, parties, and summer hangouts. You can rest assured that you are going to be eating some seriously tasty food because you got him a dope grill to cook on.

The Amazon Fire TV is a smart tv that will do everything he wants. The 65" version, which is the featured version on this list is so big and clear and beautiful that you might even get a few tears of joy when he opens this bad boy up. My folks got me an Amazon Fire TV last year and it is a gift that I still love and thank them for every time I see them. Get that kind of thanks and appreciation, the kind of thanks that goes on for years and years. This gift is a home run no matter who the guy is on your Christmas list.

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