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101 Best Christmas Gifts for Parents: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Whether they’re brand new to the game or seasoned pros, being a parent is a big job. So, if you’re shopping for your parents, in-laws, or just good friends with children, our list of the best Christmas gifts for parents is loaded with all kinds of incredible ideas we know they’ll love.

From the latest kitchen gadgets to the coolest everyday necessities to budget-friendly options to gifts with some major wow-factor, there’s something on our list for everyone. We’ve even got you covered with some out-of-the-box and unexpected goodies we know they’ll love.

For some truly amazing gifts for parents – and families, too – read on.

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Christmas Gifts For Parents: Where To Begin?

Do you have parents that are difficult to shop for? You're not alone. My parents are incredibly hard cases to crack this time of year. They want nothing, need nothing, and care for nothing. Tough, right?

Here's the trick with parents who are tough cookies: hobbies. Without fail, if you stick to gifts in the realm of what they like to do, you're set. We know that's obvious, but so many people struggle with finding Christmas gifts for parents, we just want you to know, sometimes the most obvious and simple things are the best.

And, if you're still really struggling to find something, think outside the box. Quirky, fun and unique gifts are sometimes the best to give - and the most talked about.

Kitchen gadgets and cooking-related gifts are also pretty good go-to's as well.

Sentimental Christmas Gifts For Parents

Hobbies are one thing, but if you really want to "wow" your parents with something incredible, a little bit of thought can go a long way. So, this Christmas, consider what might pull at the heartstrings of your parents, in-laws, and friends. Photo albumshand-crafted goods, meaningful experiences - all good ideas. All Christmas gifts for parents they're sure to love.

The Art of Gift Giving

Trust me, giving gifts is a total art form. Between the choice in wrapping material, the actual gift, and the thought that went into it, there's a lot to consider when gifting something to someone else. And, while there aren't any "rules" per se when it comes to gifting, these are the sorts of things we think about as we're shopping around for friends and family:

Think Like The Gift Receiver - ask yourself, "would Tim really want this? Use this?" If the answer is "no," pass and think again. The best gifts I've ever received - and the best ones I've ever given - were all things that I either wanted, or someone knew I'd love using. The same thing can be said for mom and dad - the best Christmas gifts for parents are the one's that are both cool and useful. Many of which are on our list.

The Cool Factor - just like anyone, I love hearing and knowing that my gift was a hit. In fact, I don't even want to buy something if it lacks "wow-power." So, take the time and give the thought needed to find gifts that make a positive impression. 

Budget - there are plenty of incredible gift ideas that are also budget-friendly - a lot of our picks on the list of the best Christmas gifts for parents hit that mark. But, I always think about the person I'm shopping for and their relation to me when allocating a budget for the season. It's okay to spend a little more on family and close friends than co-workers.

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