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55 Best Christmas Gifts Under $25

Whether you’re shopping for stocking stuffers, Yankee Swap gifts, or just a little something to celebrate the holiday, we’ve compiled this list of the best Christmas gifts under $25 so you can give something special without breaking the bank.

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Gifts Under $25

Buying something thoughtful for someone doesn't mean spending a lot. Expensive Christmas gifts can be nice and all, but the dollar amount doesn't necessarily add anything all on its own. Simple gifts are often the best, whether it's a stocking stuffer or just a small token of appreciation.

Coming up with $25 gift ideas is actually kind of fun. You have the full spectrum of very pratical, everyday items, as well as most novelty gifts and gag gifts at your disposal. It's a good dollar amount in that it's not too taxing on the wallet, but is high enough to allow for something of good quality.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

In addition, $25 is one of the typical thresholds for things like Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchanges. At that level, almost everyone can afford to participate, but the gifts can't get so outrageous that there's room for much needless competition.

Secret Santa in particular benefits from a set dollar amount because even though you don't know who is shopping for you, you know they won't go crazy, which in turn means you don't have to drive yourself crazy trying to guess what they'll go for so you can match it.

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