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101 Best Gifts for DIY Dads This Father’s Day

It can be tough to think up gift ideas for DIY dads and stepdads that love to fix things and make stuff. Your handyman dad must have every tool ever made, right? Wrong! There are so many amazing new tools and gadgets out there that you might not know about (cordless nail guns, anyone?).

We’re here to help you with our list of the 101 best gifts for do-it-yourself dads and stepdads. Here you’ll find the greatest gear to show your special Mr. Fix-It how much he means to you this Father’s Day. Whether your DIY dad is into electronics, woodworking, construction, landscaping, or even beer, we’ve got something incredible for you to surprise him with!

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Is My Dad a DIY Guy?

Even if he doesn’t spend hours in the woodshop or working on cars, chances are your dad is definitely a do-it-yourselfer (DIY). Maybe he’s into cooking and enjoys experimenting with kitchen gadgets. Perhaps he likes building his own video gaming rigs.

While most people consider power tools to be the go-to gift for dads, there is a myriad of gadgets out there that will complement whatever your dad is into perfectly. Or you could pick up a kit that may introduce him to a new interest that will fire up his DIY engine!

What Should I Get My DIY Dad?

Dads are surprisingly easy people to please. Most times they’re ecstatic when everyone in the house is serenely moving along with their day-to-day business. Dads who are do-it-yourself people are the same way.

Along with that peace and quiet, add on some time to take on that hot rod rebuild and he’ll end up with a big smile on his face that day. Does that mean you should skimp on the shower of gifts for him? No! That’s why you’re here, right?

Don’t worry so much about finding something your dad actually needs. You’re not going to know (and he’ll be hesitant to tell you) what exact tool he needs to finish that bathroom remodel. Focus instead on something fun and useful that might add to their workshop on a larger scale.

For dads, it’s typically not going to be a tool they don’t have but rather a tool they own but revamped in a unique way that makes it more useful, comfortable, or interesting. For instance, he might already have a cordless electric string trimmer however does he have one with interchangeable heads to create several yard tools out of one?

DIY dads are typically fans of one or two particular brands of tools. You may notice the majority of power tools in the garage sport one particular color. That may be because of brand loyalty or it may be because batteries are typically proprietary and fit just one brand of tools. Take note and, if you plan on getting him a fancy new gadget, make sure it comes from that company. 

Do you know that running joke about dads knowing when someone touches the thermostat? Dads don’t like to spend needlessly. Whatever gift you get for him doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. You could find a gift that costs less than $10 yet if it brings a creature comfort to his workshop, he might as well think he got a winning lottery ticket.

Here’s an example: My dad-in-law has three of the same cordless drills, not because he needed three drills, (I could make the argument,) but because when he needed another battery it was less expensive to purchase the kit with the drill, battery, and charger than it was to simply purchase the battery. That’s how dads think.

Don’t discount the value of resupplying his stock of anything he uses regularly. A bag of charcoal briquettes or mesquite for his smoker, beverages for his garage refrigerator, work gloves, drill bits, or even a box of fasteners make an amazing gift.

Your dad will sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness of getting him something he truly uses. How about some premium steaks for the grill? He’ll love cooking them just right and you will get to help chow them down that evening. Win-win!

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