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55 Best Gifts for Runners

Need a gift for someone who loves running? We’ve got you covered with these best running gifts for beginners and experienced athletes. Whether they’re getting ready for their first 5K or another marathon, there’s something on this list for every athlete. This carefully curated guide includes everything from basic essentials to unique gifts that are great for the runner who has everything.

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Which Are the Best Gifts for Runners?

The best gifts for runners come in many different forms. A beginner might appreciate a training guide with tips and insight from seasoned professionals, while an experienced runner may appreciate a weatherproof jacket or a hydration belt for long runs. Many great gift ideas for runners include books, jewelry, fuel for workouts and more.

What Is a Good Gift for a Marathon Runner?

There are plenty of marathon gift options for the distance runner in your life. For example, some marathon runners might need a new pair of socks or shoes, while others may appreciate a gift that can help boost their performance in another way, such as with a fitness watch or a heartrate monitor.

What Is Something That Every Runner Needs?

Having the right gear, including a pair of shoes that fits well, is essential for runners of all levels. Many runners also wear moisture-wicking athletic clothing for maximum comfort.

Another great gift idea for the runner in your life is a fitness or heart rate monitoring watch. Some watches have built-in GPS to track workouts.

Other great gifts for runners are athletic Bluetooth headphones, a handheld water bottle, new running socks and a cookbook for optimal nutrition.

What Should I Get for a Friend Who Runs?

Whether your friend is a beginner or an avid marathon runner, we've got you covered with tons of great gift ideas.

One of our favorites is a running mug, because most runners are obsessed with coffee and it's a classic affordable option. 

If you're familiar with their clothing size, treat your bestie to a new pair of tights, a jacket or a moisture-wicking t-shirt. Most running gear is used and washed often, meaning it has to be replaced at some point. 

Which Are the Best Small Gifts for Runners?

Sometimes the smallest gifts can be the most rewarding for runners. One of my favorites is the SWAIR showerless shampoo and anti-frizz formula duo, which keeps hair looking and feeling fresh without the burden of fully washing and styling your hair. 

Another great idea is the Vive foot rocker. It's pretty small and inexpensive and does wonders for loosening up tight and stiff Achilles and lower leg muscles. 

What's a Good Gift for a First-Time Marathon Runner?

Running a marathon is a huge accomplishment, especially when it's their first. Celebrate this huge success with a gift that will make them feel good. We suggest a vibrating massager, which delivers quick and powerful electric pulses deep into muscles to speed up recovery.