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51 Best Sustainable Gifts: The Ultimate List

Simply put, sustainability is the practice of meeting our needs in the present, without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs.

Our world is, unfortunately, subject to ceaseless environmental destruction and excessive consumerism, both culprits directly and indirectly taking a toll on the planet’s resources and health, and ultimately future generations’ ability to coexist with our planet.

While gift-giving is a wonderful gesture, those of us that are mindful of the planet’s health know that shopping and spending can be quite a detriment to the environment. Fortunately, our top list of sustainable gifts has tracked down a diverse and exciting array of gift ideas from reputable and well-intentioned brands that won’t negatively impact the earth.

Lots of factors can make a product “sustainable”, so if you’re shopping for an environmentalist, or consider yourself a steward of our Mother Earth yourself, then this curated gift list is for you!

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