GIFs Are Now 26 Years Old and Dominating the Internet


This Saturday, June 15th, heralds the official 26th birthday of the animated GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format for the more tech-savy among you), a popular tool of the Internet for satirizing anything from pop culture to politics.

To commemorate the GIF’s 26th birthday, Yahoo has pulled together some GIF search statistics for your viewing pleasure.


According to the company, 71% of GIF searches come from men, and the above Taylor Swift’s disgusted reaction to Justin Bieber GIF is among the top ten searched in June.


Released in those statistics, Yahoo claims that searches for ‘What is a GIF’ are “off the charts,” in the past thirty day, and that unsurprisingly, ‘Sex GIFS’ and ‘Funny GIFS’ rank the highest among GIF searches.

This goes to show exactly why men make up the vast majority of GIF searchers.


Even the White House is riding the GIF popularity wave, with announced plans to start their own Tumblr.


Yahoo itself is in the midst of acquiring Tumblr, which is pretty much the hub of the GIF. With all this, the GIF has plenty to celebrate, so let the celebration commence!