Anfisa Arkhipchenko, ’90 Day Fiance’: Top 10 Best Instagram Photos

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  1. Do not marry this gold digger,the only person she is capable of loving is herself!you are a very handsome guy and you have a beautiful personality and deserve so much better.you are gonna realize when it’s too late unfortunately that she is ugly on the inside.Honestly,You seem like a hardworking,dedicated and loving young man and you should find a girl who loves you for”you” and not the size of your bank book.45,000 for a wedding dress?who does she think she is?send her back to Russia next time she acts like a spoiled,whiny,brat!!im sure there’s lots of beautiful American women who would love to date a great guy like you,someone who pays her own way or at least has SOMETHING to contribute to a relationship because she definitely has nothing to offer anyone!ps she is not as hot as she thinks and I’m willing to bet she cannot make it as a model.ive been a professional photographer for 20 years and I know beauty when I see it!

  2. Anfisa ur an ugly ass bitch. u cant make into modelling. Go back to russia u hooker. Ur personality is the ugliest spit shit I cannot handle. U are disgusting and just a butterface. U need to leave Gorge, u can do better. Ur not bad looking

  3. Jorge, your good good of a person for her. She’s a GOLD DIGGER, she’s using you for your $$$. She’s very disrespectful. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder….she’s not pretty. You can do much better.
    Watch the episodes & maybe you will open your eyes.
    Good luck

  4. Im not worried about Anfisa. I honestly think she and Jorge are playing a game. He wants the trophy, the trophy values her company at 10K a month. Women marry for security all the time. They only pretend they dont. (Can a broke 60 yr old get a hot 30 year old girlfriend..? I submit that he cant) Anyway, they have an arragement that works for them, she will have a baby to seal the deal and they will be fine.

    Nicole is a problem. If she was a guy insisting on feeling up his girlfriend in public to sooth his ego, despite her cultural refusal..that would be abusive. And it Is. Abusive coming from her. I dont know his motives..but he needs to run! Shes like a walking how to lose a guy checklist

  5. i cant stand her she is soo spoiled she aint nothing to look at in her face is muttly the only thing she has going is her body! i cant stand her she pisses me right off!

  6. Run Jorge ,Run
    You are a very sweet guy. Yes she’s pretty but geez! How much feelingless,into herself insensitivity is it going to take before you realize she’s only going to cost you a fortune and trample over your heart like a door mat. Like I said …Run Jorge!!!! Run…(&keep the kitty)

  7. Jorge you must be the biggest fool that ever walked on this earth..are u that dumb that u don’t see she don’t care for u at all…she is a bitch that I would send back right away ur sister is right she is using u

  8. This chick is so freaking gross she has to spend Jorge s money on herself ..no photographer who takes photos of celebrities would want her ugly ungrateful ass..she looked kinda cute till she opened her mouth..she might want to reconsider the 45000 dress and concentrate on getting new teeth..uglybiotch

  9. yes he is a sweet guy but just as superficial as her. He most definitely did not fall in love with her “great personality”..the girl is not even legal drinking age in that country but he sees her as wife-material? She is not even hiding that she is a gold-digger. I don’t feel bad for him, he needs to man up and realize that he fell in love with her fake looks. No offence to him but there is no way that a girl like her could have rue emotional feelings for him. She is looking for someone to take care of her wants cause she is not capable of doing it for herself and he needed someone to boost his non existent ego.

  10. How can Jorge honestly think she wants ANYTHING more than his $ or an in here in the US to become a “Playboy model”???? It’s like, come ON dude – WAKE up!!!! She rolls her eyes constantly at everything he says, disrespects him ALL the time, is ice cold, permanently pissy, expects the life of a celebrity wife and can’t even lift a finger to help clean or cook. Is she really worth it????! Wake up Jorge – she’s NOT that into you and her personality and expectations are absolutely ridiculous. Seriously pull the layers and layers of wool off of your eyes!!!!

  11. Anfisa is NOT going to make it here in the US as a model. Sure, she has a banging bod, and she’s cute, but she is NOT the drop dead gorgeous thing she thinks she is. I would strech it from cute to pretty (but NOT beautiful. Anfisa… you are rude and your lack of personality and attitude make you UGLY! What is up with your lips? You lived with your grandma…. so obviosly you had nothing in Russia…. if you couldn’t make it there… believe me, you won’t make it here either, American girls DO NOT act that way so lose your pipe dream of being rich and famous. The BEST you will do here and closest you will get to being rich is by being a stripper in low class club.