The action game genre was well represented within the Google Play store. These are five of the best picks from January 2016.

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The new year arrived and brought along its fair share of great Android games free of charge. Here’s five of January 2016’s best.

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Attack, defend, upgrade your hero and face countless foes in puzzle form with this developer crafted tips guide for Chain Quest.

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The development team behind this Marvel Comics/school life sim has all the heroic advice you need to know. Here’s the best tips for Marvel Avengers Academy.

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Chaos Battle Hero is a thrilling new mobile action RPG that’s a global sensation. Check out this tips guide straight from the game’s developers.

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Skate through the trippy, psychedelic trappings of the newest iOS infinite runner, Infinite Skater, and use these awesome tips straight from the game’s creative minds.

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Pocket Mortys takes Pokemon, mashes it up with Rick & Morty and gives mobile gamers a trippy new RPG to enjoy. These tips will push you further into its world.

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Take on terrorists and mercenaries with your master targeting skills and massive armory with this developer made tips and cheats guide for Hero Forces.

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Gather your most powerful Metal Maidens and prevail over those Machine Beasts with this developer crafted guide for Panzer Waltz.

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Here’s how to master the platforming mechanics of Super Phantom Cat straight from the game developers at Veewo Games.

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These screenshots present just a few clues behind what Jonathan Blow’s newest game The Witness is truly about.

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The console port of This War of Mine adds extra weight to your actions with new missions and a young crop of kids to tend to.

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Run your mobile bakery business and become as successful as possible with this developer crafted tips and cheats guide for Bakery Story 2.

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Feed all those lovable baby animals with this developer crafted top 10 tips and cheats guide for Hungry Babies Mania.

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Check out this exclusive tips and cheats guide straight from the creative developers behind Guardian Stone.

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Run, run, run! Use this top 10 tips and cheats guide straight from the devs behind Smurfs Epic Run.

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