In the new Pokemon Go nearby Raid Battle tab, what do the times under each egg signify?

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Pokemon Go players receive a notification when a Raid Battle is about to commence, but how far away can you be and still receive this notification?

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Raid Battles in Pokemon Go are accompanied by an egg, but this egg comes in a variety of colors. What do these colors signify?

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With the new Pokemon Go gym system, what is the limit on how many coins you are allowed to collect in a single day?

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Pokemon Go players this week are all desperately trying to find sponsored gyms. Where can these locations be found?

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A variety of new items have been introduced in Pokemon Go, one of which is called Rare Candy. What is this item, and how can you get it?

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When Pokemon Go tells players that their Pokemon is “very happy,” what does this message mean? Why can you not feed it any more berries after that?

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Some Pokemon Go players have experienced an issue where Pokemon return back to them from gyms without any coins. Here’s what to do if that happens.

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Is it possible in Pokemon Go to remove one of your Pokemon from a gym without having to wait until an enemy defeats it?

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Is it possible to level up the new Pokemon Go gyms? Why is it that none of the gyms seem to display a level on them?

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With the new gyms in Pokemon Go, is it possible to train Pokemon and raise a gym’s prestige as was possible in the old version of the game?

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With the new Pokemon Go update, some players are experiencing a glitch where the game shows gyms are being under attack when they really aren’t.

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Many Pokemon Go players are experiencing a glitch where the game gives them a red “error” message. What does this message indicate?

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In the new Pokemon Go update, how long must a player have a Pokemon stationed in a gym before receiving a coin bonus?

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In the new Pokemon Go gym system, Pokemon seem to have their motivation bar rapidly drained, so how quickly does this happen, exactly?

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