Repo Men Review

Repo MenI am obviously a huge fan of dystopian sci-fi with big ideas, so you’d think Repo Men would be right up my alley. Set in an overbuilt metropolis where ad messages assault you from every angle, the flick paints a dark picture of a future sans Obamacare, where technology has advanced to make all sorts of transplants possible – but at a price. An omni-corporation called the Union can swap out pretty much any gizzard you have a problem with, but they also put you on a payment plan with a nightmarish 20% interest rate. And if you can’t make your payment? Well, that’s where the repo men come in. If you miss a payment, they come after you and take back your new organ, with extreme prejudice. 

So what happens when one of the repo men winds up on the wrong side of the knife? An explosion of gore, non-stop action and some serious chills. Remy, played by Jude Law, is half of a wise-cracking, avuncular team of organ retrievers (paired with the always satisfying Forest Whitaker), and he obviously loves his job. That is, until he’s injured at work and given a robot heart of his own – one that he can’t possibly pay for. Next thing you know, Remy is on the lam and things get wild as he’s immersed into a seedy underbelly of fellow organ-thieves, runners and virtual cyborgs. Director Miguel Sapochnik, in his first time behind the lens, creates a captivating future world that, while it may lack a step in dramatic consistency, makes up for it in unforgettable setpieces that ooze with berserk gore.

Repo Men isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly worth seeing – the suspension of disbelief that some of the plot’s beats require is paved over by the gleeful sincerity that Sapochnik and the cast bring to the material. This is a movie about blood and guts, after all, and they’re all up there on the screen.