Your (Belated) March Video Game Fashion Update

1269032418_1.jpgAlright, it’s finally nice out (well, at least here in NYC, never-mind you Californians and your 65 degree in the middle of February weather), so time to pick up some new threads, and that means seeing what’s new in the world of game related apparel! Like the design above from Threadless. It’s only ten bucks, with the same going for all their shirts across the board (and for anyone that’s been paying attention, they’ve got more than a few decent game tees in the catalog), but only till tomorrow, so better hit that buy button ASAP.

There’s also this design, which I guess might be appropriate for when you get caught screwing off at work with the new Pokemon games that just came out. Or maybe not:


Springtime is also when most people try to shed that fat from the holidaze, so why not hit the gym… or simply pretend to be a guy that actually goes to one… with this Tekken-themed workout wear:


For those who want to show off their old school colors, Fangamer has been making high quality apparel based upon games that most have forgotten about, or have simply never heard of in the first place. Though most folks should be familiar with the SNES classic Chrono Trigger, and even if not, their selection of shirts and jackets are still quite classy:


On a similar tip, remember the Neo Geo? That super expensive, and huge ass console that your friend whose parents were loaded had? The one who made you weep for your pathetic in comparison SNES port of Samurai Shodown (though the Genesis one wasn’t so bad)? Well it recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and to celebrate the occasion, they’ve commissioned a series of nifty looking tees:


Too bad they’re only for Japan, and I’n not certain if they ship outside of the homeland, but The King Of Games certainly does! While expensive, it’s so worth it, like this new Excitebike design:


EDIT: Damn, it’s sold out already! Oh well. Moving on, for you Europeans out there, here’s a pair of shirts based upon the relatively unknown PSP fast paced RPG Half Minute Hero (totally worth picking up btw); of all the offerings thus far, with the exception of the very first one, it looks the coolest without having to explain to everyone what the heck its about, which often comes with the territory with game shirts:


And finally, from All Games Beta comes this ultra nifty Super Mario design, but there’s seems to be zero info as to who its by and where to get it. If anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated:


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