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The A-Team

If you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team. The latest TV property to get a modern-day upgrade hits the big screen this week, and in a fit of 80s nostalgia we get the new Karate Kid as well. Here’s our quick reviews of the new movies opening in theaters this week.

The A-Team – Gotta say, I have a lot of questions about how good this one is gonna be. The original A-Team TV show is better served as a fond memory (seriously, try watching the episodes now, it’s hard to even stay awake through them), so we’ll see if this reboot, which changes the field of battle from Vietnam to the Middle East, will work out. You know the drill – three Special Forces soldiers (played by Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson and Rampage Jackson) are arrested for a crime they didn’t commit, escape and start new lives as soldiers of fortune with their recon pilot (Sharlto Copley). Oh, and Jessica Biel as The Girl. Watch the trailer.

The Karate Kid – Okay, check this out. In almost every other country in the world, this movie is being titled The Kung Fu Kid. And, you know what, a movie about a spunky kid who moves to China and learns Kung Fu from Jackie Chan could be a pretty good movie! But, because this is America and we’re afraid of new things, they had to take a title from an 80s movie and act like this was a remake. Why, Hollywood, why? If Jaden Smith is learning Kung Fu, why is the movie called The Karate Kid? Seriously, if there’s a good reason for this I’d like to hear it. Watch the trailer.

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