Colour Revolt Interview

Colour Revolt

Since releasing their first full-length album in 2008, Oxford, MS band Colour Revolt has been a study in evolution. Whittling down from a band of five to core members Jesse Coppenbarger (vocals, guitars) and Sean Kirkpatrick (guitar, vocals), the resulting consolidation has reinvigorated the group, resulting in the 10 song album being released on 8/10, The Cradle. Produced by Hank Sullivant (MGMT, The Whigs), Colour Revolt are currently on tour crossing the country. In anticipation of the album’s release, lead singer Jesse Coppenbarger sat down Heavy to talk about the bands influences, its past and how it pays to have a manager.

Heavy:  Now that you and Sean are the only two actually in the band, how has that changed the direction of the band?

Jesse Coppenbarger:  We were able to add keyboards to the songs. That was one of the first calls I made when putting together the new album. Sean and I have always wrote the songs for the band, so that wasn’t different. I think the songs are a little more melodic, a little more upbeat, a little more transparent,where in the past it wasn’t really clear what our songs were really about. On the song 8 Years, for example, I wanted to address my thoughts on the changes in the band for the fans that wanted to know so they could move on.

Heavy: It’s funny you bring up the light feel of the songs, because there is one song on the new album, “Heartbeat”, that sounds like the comeback hit that Fall Out Boy have been searching for.

Jesse Coppenbarger : It’s definitely a pop song. In the song, it’s referential to that, it’s tongue in cheek. For the record, I wanted a song that was super melodic, but much heavier, not just boy meets girl or whatever. It’s about love in general, about trying to find love. I wanted the vibe to be heavy, like being punched in the face.

Heavy: Since the turnover in the band, have you found that there is less interference in what direction the band is going to take?

Jesse Coppenbarger: Not necessarily, it’s just different. We actually have management now, where before everyone was trying to pull their weight without one guy being there who’s job it was to say, “No, this is the way it’s supposed to be.”  In the past, it’s not that we would avoid each other, but if nothing was happening, we wouldn’t discuss it. Managers tend to know what has worked in the past and what are good ideas and what ideas need working on.

Heavy: Who are some of the influences you are drawing from for the new album?

Jesse Coppenbarger: Fugazi are always a big influence with my music. There are big parts of the new album that remind me of Cursive. There’s some 80s throwback sounds interspersed throughout the album. Some A Perfect Circle here and there. For me personally, I just try to write like some singer/songwriters that I like, rather than sound like them.

Heavy: Anything you would like to tell your fans at Heavy?

Jesse Coppenbarger: Be sure to check out our website for all our news and tour dates. Also, check out The Cradle when it drops on 8/10 on New Fear/DualTone.

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