Ariel Winter’s Crazy Mom Tries to Leak Naked Pics of Older Daughter

If you haven’t been following the case of “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter who emancipated herself from her mother, Crystal Workman, after claiming she physically and emotional abused her, well, the crazy mom is seeking revenge in the latest of the mother/daughter celebrity drama.

After losing guardianship of Winter, she reportedly asked a Hollywood publicist to leak photos of her older daughter, Shanelle Workman, who is now the legal guardian of the sitcom star.

Publicist Jonathan Hay told, “Crystal Workman, the mother of Ariel Winter, wanted me to represent her and leak nude photos in the media of her other daughter Shanelle Workman… In all my years of being a publicist, I have never seen anyone stoop as low as wanting to sell out and destroy the reputation of her own daughter. Crystal said she wanted the public to see Shanelle for who she really was and smear her daughter in attempts to try and get custody back of Ariel… Crystal has called me nonstop in the last 48 hours, trying to get me to leak these pictures. Clearly, Ariel is in the right place with Shanelle and away from her mother.”

Workman is bitterly trying to create a scandal against her own daughter in order to get Winter back into her own custody. Unfortunately for the “Modern Family” star’s mom, she’s just destroying her own reputation.

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