Kanye ‘Mistress’ Leyla Ghobadi Launches Twitter Account

Leyla Ghobadi, Kanye Cheating


Leyla Ghobadi has been in all the latest news today for the Kim and Kanye camps. Today, the alleged mistress has launched a Twitter account to address fans, spectators and “false claims.”

There’s also a rumor that the Twitter account may be fake.

Take a look at the top 10 Tweets that have come from the new account said to be Ghobadi’s and judge for yourself. Is it real or fake?

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“Ghobadi” insists that her claims are completely true and lashes out at unfavorable gossip.

The account holder now claims to show a little regret on her approach to the Kanye situation. Would she do it all over again if she could?

It’s nice to see she says she’s sorry for how this may affect Kim Kardashian.

Here she appears frustrated with some of the backlash she is getting from her account viewers and the media.

In this tweet “Ghobardi” specifically states that Kanye West called her last week to get together. This definitely raises eyebrows and possible doubt.

A Twitter fight with a mouthy viewer ensues.

Proof! The Ghobadi tweeter now claims she has proof on her phone, but will not release it. Hmmm …

Leyla Ghobadi

The alleged Ghobadi admits her fault in the alleged infidelity, but explains Kanye West was very aggressive. She also confesses that she used to idolize the rapper. This tweet was later deleted. The below Twitter conversation may be the reason why.

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So, has Leyla Ghobadi really said all she needs to say? And, is this the real Leyla Ghobadi?

Leyla Ghobadi


Only Time Will Tell …

Stay tuned!