MTV Star: Michael Jordan Made a Bet for My Virginity

Michael Jordan

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As most of us know, Michael Jordan lived a good life of basketball stardom until 2003. But before he retired from the game, it seems Michael was a player both on and off the court… one who tried to score much more than points. Try, ex-MTV star Lisa Kennedy’s virginity.

What? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Michael Jordan Made A Raunchy Bet With Lisa Kennedy

Kennedy recently told TMZ that during a game of dice in 1995, Jordan suggested the two “play for something,” suggesting that if he won Kennedy would sleep with him.

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2. Lisa Kennedy Was a Virgin at the Time

Lisa Kennedy

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But, according to the New York Post, Kennedy was a virgin at the time and denied the offer, reporting she “imagined MJ’s giant penis would ‘eviscerate me from the inside out.'”

Good thing Kennedy likes to express herself with a lot of imagery.

3. Kennedy Countered with A Lower-Stakes Bet

Key word… “tried”! To avoid what Kennedy apparently perceived as catastrophic danger for her lady parts, she combatted Jordan’s offer with a different bet. Instead, the ex-MTV star asked to play for basketball tickets.

4. MJ Was Married at the Time

As soon as she the ex-MTV star changed the “direction” of the game, reports TMZ, the basketball legend did a 180 and reminded Kennedy that he had a wife. So, it looks like Jordan was only after a friendly game of dice, after all.

5. Kennedy’s Vajayjay Was Never in Real Danger

Lisa Kennedy

(Getty images)

Kennedy says she won the game of dice against Jordan anyway, so, her “vag was never in any real danger.” After all, ex-MTV star Kennedy is known for being quite a jokester. Well, that’s a relief!

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