Mr. Papers, Lil’ Kim’s Baby Daddy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Yesterday, in response to Lil’ Kim’s pregnancy news, rapper Mr. Papers posted the above picture on Instagram along with this message:

I heard everybody looking for me ?????????????????

On The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, he confirmed that Kim’s baby is his. “Yeah, that’s my baby,” he said.

Here’s what you should know about the new father to daughter Royal Reign.

1. His Twitter Handle is Named ‘Daddy’

Coincidence or not, the rapper’s name is Daddy on Twitter.

When the rumors first came out, he retweeted articles pertaining to his new status.

He talked to, confirming he was Kim’s baby daddy.

Yeah, we’re having a baby. I’m ready for daddy duty.

2. He Broke Up with Kim in 2012

According to GOT, the pair was first spotted leaving Hollywood’s Key club in June of 2012.

Kim tweeted this to confirm they were a couple back in May of 2012.

When Rick Smiley asked if the couple was broken up at the time of the pregnancy news, Mr. Papers denied the rumor.

Nah, nah, we’re together, brother. Everything’s good. That’s my wife. That’s my baby.

3. The New York-Based Rapper Already Has a Son

On the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, he said that he already has a four year old son. “Yeah, that’s my little prince,” he said.

All Hip Hop reported that boxer Floyd Mayweather could have been Kim’s baby daddy.
The site included a video on Sway’s Universe that showed the pair looking rather friendly.
All Hip Hop came to this conclusion:

Apparently the video corresponds with Kim’s present 5 month pregnant status. Now, this rumor is being exacerbated by those folks that follow Kim very closely. They are saying Kim is muddying the waters with Mr. Papers, but Floyd is really the father. Anyway…’I’m thinking that Floyd is NOT the father – just a BFF.

4. The Couple Was in a Music Video Together

VideoVideo related to mr. papers, lil’ kim’s baby daddy: 5 fast facts you need to know2014-02-14T14:17:26-05:00

The couple made this music video duet for “Pour it Out.”

The lyrics include:

Bronx tell sunny, me and kim had sex in the bank vault
So y’all know I came for the money, money
And I hope they know that, hold that

5. He Tattooed Kim’s Name on His Arm

Mr. Papers showed his affection for his girlfriend with this body art. According to gossipandgumbo, the pair had recently broken up at the time he got inked, and a week later, Mr. Papers debuted the tattoo on social media.
In December of 2012, Kim referred to him as her “hubby” in the post below.

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