Candace Cameron Bure: Top 10 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Candace Cameron Bure will be making her debut on the DWTS ballroom floor this season and, in honor of that, we’ve put together the Top 10 Facts on Candace. Check out the ins and outs of one of our favorite 90s sitcom stars.

1. We All Remember Candace as “DJ Tanner”

Many remember Candace Cameron Bure as “DJ Tanner” from the hit sitcom Full House, which ran from 1987 until 1995. Candace’s character on the show was the oldest daughter of “Danny Tanner,” who was played by Bob Saget and Candace was forced to grow up in front of the camera. She played the role of “DJ” from ages 10 through 18 and her best friend on the show was character “Kimmy Gibbler.” DJ and Kimmy were actually reunited on the Katie Couric show as adults and you can watch it go down in the above clip.

For nostalgia’s sake, have a look at a clip from Full House, featuring “DJ Tanner” singing to her little sister “Michelle.”

Full House | D.J. Tanner sings to MichelleSource: Season 3 episode 24. "Our Very First Telethon"2006-11-16T07:48:10.000Z

2. Mark Ballas Is Her Current Dance Partner on DWTS

It seems that Candace Cameron Bure and her dance partner Mark Ballas have formed the team DJ Candy Ball for this season’s Dancing With the Stars, paying homage to Candace’s character “DJ” on Full House. Only time will tell if the two will stay partners after America votes on their fate, but, in the meantime, the duo is having a lot of fun and is working hard. Candace gushed about her excitement in getting Ballas as a partner to People saying:

I literally screamed when I saw Mark! We just go together really well, and he’s really patient, and very kind, and very gentle, so I was really happy.

Candace thinks that Meryl Davis and Charlie White will be her biggest competition on the show. And, as far as the other 90s sitcom star Danica McKellar goes, the two are actually longtime friends. Candace dishes to Radar Online:

We did a TV movie together called Camp Cucamonga so we’ve known each other a long time and we’re friends.

3. Bullying Has Affected Her in Both Childhood as Well as Adulthood

During her childhood, Candace has admitted to being bullied about her weight. When she appeared on Full House, her weight sometimes yo-yo’d and fellow classmates would make fun of her. But, just as she dealt with bullying as a child, she also dealt with it just a couple weeks ago online. When Candace posted a photo of herself with little makeup on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, some of the comments were very mean. In response, Candace took down the photo and posted these words:

To all of you who posted nice things….Thank you! I’m shocked at how mean and ugly people can be towards one another. It’s so sad. And for all of you who think I look old and have no problem telling me that while you hide behind your screen… Guess what? I’m not getting any younger, nor will I try to look like I’m 20 as I age. Shame on you.

This is the photo that caused all the cyber-bullying to start:

4. Candace Is a Mother of Three

With husband Valeri Bure, Candace has three children – a daughter named Natasha, a son named Lev, and another son named Maksim. Even with so many kids to take care of, Candace’s family is reportedly being very supportive of her new gig on DWTS. She tells People:

I couldn’t do it without their support because it really is a huge schedule, and as much as it is really physically challenging, it’s also mentally challenging. My family is really excited that I’m doing the show, my husband is rooting me on, my kids just want to be a part of it in every way that they can be, so it’s just great.

5. She’s Also An Author

Candace Cameron-Bure has written two books in her career and one of them was actually a New York Times bestseller. One of the books was called “Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness” and the other was called “Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose.” The first book was the bestseller and was published in January 2011, while the other was published this past January 2014.

In addition to her books, Candace has launched an online women’s magazine

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