‘Modern Family’ Season 5 Finale Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s Modern Family finale, Mitch and Cam‘s wedding hits a few more bumps as the couple tries to make it down the aisle. Wildfires, killer butterflies and multiple venue changes can’t stop these two from finally saying “I do.”

See how many times it took for Mitch and Cam to become “best husbands.”

1. God Didn’t Start the Fire

The firefighters have told everyone to evacuate, but wedding planner Pepper Saltzman is determined to squeeze this wedding in before the flames overtake them all. The ceremony is a go again, until Sal’s water breaks with her “miracle baby” and she’s rushed off to the hospital.

Phil jumps in to take over the officiating duties (he had only been dropping hints left and right for Cam and Mitch to pick him in the first place), but the winds have shifted causing the flames to make a beeline for the wedding venue.

Everybody to the shuttles!

Jay sticks his foot in his mouth again with Mitchell, telling him God didn’t send the fire to stop his wedding because He didn’t want Mitch and Cam getting married in the first place. Better stop talking now Jay.

Cam’s freaking out about the apocalyptic nature of the day’s events, so Gloria knows she needs to keep his parents’ possible separation a secret between her and Jay. Cam���s father Merle is practically on cloud nine over the separation and mother Barb is celebrating with Jay’s coat pocket booze.

Mitch and Cam catch a ride in Pepper’s Prius, but the monarch butterflies have come loose and have sought revenge on their captors.

2. The Runaway Bride Returns

Modern Family

(ABC/Peter “Hopper” Stone)

A beautiful venue opens up after another bride makes a run for it and her future husband has plans of suicide. For Mitch and Cam, it’s a win.

Phil wants to spice up his officiating from the mundane, and Claire gives him the idea to incorporate a little magic (at least, that’s the way Phil saw it). His first attempt: magical floating rings. From Claire’s finger to Phil’s, the rings will slide down a nearly invisible wire and… stop in the middle. Keep trying Phil!

After Jay inadvertently gets Barb drunk, Gloria takes another shot at Merle to show him a dreary future if he divorces his wife of 48 years. He most likely won’t have a second chance at love with a smoking hot younger woman. Instead, he’ll spend his Christmases drinking alone in a bar.

Haley is crushing on Muppet-like Andy pretty hard, but Alex warns her she better not play with his heart. People like her and Andy don’t get over little flings as quick as people like Haley.

Again Mitch and Cam take their places to start down the aisle, but the ceremony stops again. The runaway bride has returned and she wants her venue back, right now.

Back to the shuttles (or the killer butterfly-filled Prius) and on to wedding venue number three!

3. The Wedding Comes Home

Modern Family


Pepper tries to squeeze all of the wedding guests into Mitch and Cam’s home, but without the luxury of an upstairs, most of the guests wind up watching from through the windows from the front lawn.

Phil tests magic attempt number two on Claire, but his ill-timed party poppers tucked into his sleeves send his wife flying into the shower. He hits the faucet, and Claire is a sopping mess of a best person.

During the setup, Jay makes a quick phone call to his ex-wife Dede to invite her to watch the wedding video later this summer since she couldn’t make it today. The conversation doesn’t go well (she hangs up on him mid-sentence), but Merle and Barb overhear and start rethinking their own marital mess.

One more time, Cam and Mitch get ready to walk down the aisle, but Jay is standing outside talking on the phone. Mitch doesn’t care, but Cam doesn’t want to start the ceremony until Jay’s back. He finally returns and with good news: he’s arranged for the wedding to happen at his country club, no longer afraid of what his club buddies will think of him having a gay son.

Last time, to the shuttles!

4. Cameron and Mitchell Finally Say ‘I Do’

VideoVideo related to ‘modern family’ season 5 finale recap: top 5 spoilers2014-05-22T11:20:23-04:00

The country club arranges the quickest wedding ceremony with chairs set up on the lawn. Jay jumps in to walk Mitchell down the aisle and Cam’s parents rush back to their son to do the same. Phil doesn’t have any more magic tricks up his sleeve, but he does tell the happy couple that every great marriage contains a little magic, and squeezes Claire’s hand. Mitch and Cam trade “I dos” just as the sun sets behind them.

Claire delivers a touching speech about giving away her baby brother and partner Mitch to his new partner Cam. He may not be the “best person” (because today that’s Claire’s title), but the two of them are the “best husbands.” Aww!

Lucas and Manny Bicker Like an Old Married Couple

Alex asks Lily if she misses her father’s while they’re away on their honeymoon. Cue Manny and Lucas walking by bickering like an old married couple as Lilly says, “It’s like they never left.”

The boys went back and forth all night over arguing about never spending time with each other anymore or Lucas watching Manny’s weight, but the two did come together to window paint “Just Married” on the back of Mitch and Cam’s car.

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