Hit the Floor, Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Hit the Floor dance


Monday night, we found out whether Ahsha got kicked off the Devil Girls. We also witnessed the beginning of what may be a very rocky (public) relationship between her and Derek.

Read on to find out what you missed.

1. Kyle Gets Raunchy With a Banker

Kyle Hit the Floor


Kyle is ordering a coffee when she meets Louis– a banker with court-side season tickets for the Devils. The (almost) sex scene between them is very raunchy– she wears edible panties. The whole thing is supposed to be sexy, but in true Kyle fashion it just ends up being hysterical.

Kyle finally pays back everything that her ex husband owed, but ends up sleeping with her so-called ‘pimp.’

In what is the most dramatic scene of the episode, Kyle pulls a red envelope out of her safe. Derek is seen holding the exact same red envelope in the next scene. Could it be a love letter between the two? Something’s definitely going on between them.

2. Derek and Ahsha Go Public With Their Relationship

Derek and agent, Hit the Floor Derek


While Ahsha and Derek are in bed at the top of the episode, Derek’s agent storms in with a plan. “When this goes public just say you were comforting a friend over the loss of her former boss. It got heated, but it’s not what it looks like. Just deny it– deny it to everyone.” The two aren’t really into the agency’s plan, though, and side with Lionel. She thinks it’s in everyone’s best interest (or really, just her own best interest) to take the relationship public. .

The two attend a high-profile event as a couple, and Coach threatens to kill Derrick if he messes with his daughter. Feisty.

3. Olivia Left Jelena Ownership of the Devil Girls

Ahsha and Sloane, Ahsha and Mom Hit the Floor


Jelena finds out that Olivia left 10% of the Devil Girls to Jelena’s mother.

4. Jelena Is Struggling Without Terrence

Jelena, Hit the Floor Cast


She really misses Terrence, and it’s breaking her heart. In one of Jelena’s most emotional scenes (which obviously doesn’t last too long) she describes how heartbroken she is over her ex. Then she acts like she’s all over it. Typical.

Later, Jelena calls Terrence, stating the obvious: “no one realizes we’re not a couple.” She says that it wouldn’t be weird at all if he came and acted like her boyfriend at the party. She also tries to make Terrence jealous of Derrick and Ahsha. It really seems like the dancer’s about to tell him how much she misses him, but she takes a deep breath and asks him to get dressed and come to the party.

A few scenes later, Terrence comes dressed to the nines… only to find Jelena posing with Zero. She messed up on that one big time.

5. Ahsha Freaks Out, Even Though She’s Not Kicked Off the Team

Ahsha freaks out that she’s officially Derrick’s girlfriend. She doesn’t think she can handle the pressure, the press, or the title of being is girl, but he relaxes her. He assures her that nothing is going to go wrong– even if they’re in the spotlight. Seems like the two are really a perfect couple.

When Pete asks Sloane if he thinks they have a chance, Sloane doesn’t seem too sure. It’s probably important to note that Sloane spent the entire episode trying to figure out what Oscar had to do with Olivia’s death.

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