‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

On tonight’s Rizzoli & Isles, Jane tries to keep her pregnancy a secret while the team chases down a serial killer who uses online ads to find new victims.

Find out if Maura and Angela can keep Jane’s secret in “Too Good To Be True.”

1. Angela Knows About Jane’s Pregnancy So Everyone Will Know

Jane invites Maura along to her OB/GYN appointment. She goes to a new doctor for her pregnancy, because her other doctor works two blocks from where she grew up. She doesn’t want Casey‘s family or anyone else learning about her pregnancy. Maura is the only person she trusts with her secret.

Too bad Maura already confirmed Jane’s pregnancy to Mama Rizzoli and Maura can’t keep that secret from Jane anymore. Jane confronts her mother and tells Angela she can’t tell anyone else. She’s afraid of getting pulled from the field and assigned to desk duty. Her mother keeps her secret, sort of, only telling Jane’s brothers Tommy and Frankie.

In case Angela had ideas to tell anyone else, Jane threatens to name her baby “Constantina”. Apparently, that’s the name of a family member Angela seriously dislikes, referring to her as “El Diablo.” Yikes!

Maura knows she can’t tell anyone either, but that doesn’t stop Maura form keeping tabs on Jane’s bad habits. No more cream-filled chocolate cupcakes for Jane and perhaps she needs to start going to Maura’s feet and leg strengthening yoga classes. Jane could always try Maura’s “knobby balls”.

2. Two Guys Answer a Job Ad and Get Killed

The detectives find a man shot dead in the woods. The killer leaves the shotgun murder weapon in the nearby brush. Frankie identifies the victim as Carl Ulrich who lost his steel mill job seven years ago and has had no known address for the last five years.

Maura discovers Ulrich wore neatly ironed clothes and new shoes, strange for a guy last living out of his storage unit. Vince finds a serial number on the shotgun (and reveals he recorded an album before becoming a cop). The team runs the serial number back to the gun owner, John Brooks.

Vince and Frankie go to pick up Brooks, but they find his friend Ralph driving his car instead. Ralph tells the detectives that Brooks disappeared a year ago. Recently he got a new job on a farm, but Brooks’ friend doesn’t know where. He can only them that Brooks like dogs, pizza and had diabetes.

Vince connects that both Ulrich and Brooks were down on their luck and then found a new job through an online ad. Then a search in the woods find Brooks’ year old body decaying in a shallow grave with his diabetes bracelet still on.

3. Detectives Track Down the Killer

Rizzoli & isles, angie harmon

(Eddy Chen/TNT)

Vince answers the same ad the victims answered, but gets an email back that the position has been filled. Jane tracks down another man who answered the ad. He met with a man named Greg Danielson who placed the ad. He describes him as a older man with long, gray hair. Maura found a strand of long, gray hair on Brooks’ body.

Jane starts a search for Ulrich’s truck that Greg stole after he killed him. They get a hit on the BOLO when a patrol officer pulls Greg over. Greg shoots the patrol office then Jane and Frankie go in pursuit. When Jane gets close, Greg turns around and shoots. Jane dives out of the way and shoots Greg dead. Frankie fears Jane was shot too when she doesn’t get off the ground, but she just lost her breath for a moment.

4. Jane Has to Pick Replacement for Frost and Tell Casey About Her Pregnancy

Vince has orders that he needs to start looking for a replacement for Det. Barry Frost. He decides to include Jane in that process but she’s not ready to replace him. She shoves the folder of names in a drawer for later.

Jane also has to speak with Casey sooner than she thought when he asks to Skype with her that night. On Maura’s advice, she puts together a few notes to help her with the conversation. After the conversation, Casey realizes that a baby isn’t a enough good reason for them to get married and they will discuss how they plan to raise the child when he lets the news of the baby sink in.

5. Jane Admits She Needs Maura’s Help With the Pregnancy

Jane agrees to go to Maura’s yoga class, but her M.E. friend knows she’s there for more than lower body strengthening. Jane admits she’s going to need help raising her child. Maura assure Jane that she and Jane’s family will provide all the help she needs.

The ladies decide to ditch yoga after Jane gets in trouble for wearing another woman’s heels. They take off for burgers and this cute jaunt down the sidewalk.